White Wedding Bouncy Castles Gallery

Bouncy Castle for Wedding

We feel a couple is never too old to have a bouncy castle at their wedding – even if the thought of bouncy castles might remind you about birthday parties from your youth. However, these days, grownup couples are ‘jumping’ at the chance of having inflatable white castles at their wedding.

You too can bring a whole new level of fun to your wedding with a white bouncy castle. Just make sure none of your bride’s maids accidentally rip off their dress in all the excitement! But there’s no need to worry because all our white wedding bouncy castles come with a dedicated attendant who will help everybody relax and enjoy themselves while also ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

At 1 Entertainment, we the offer a complete range of wedding bouncy castles which are perfect for every type of wedding. Our all white bouncy castles will make for some great photos and also offer a lot of entertainment for your guests.

We offer inflatable white castles that’ll keep the children and adults at your wedding entertained for hours and hours – giving you more time to savour and appreciate those special moments with your loved one.

White bouncy castles are also something that are well suited for an evening reception. Why not unleash your guests’ inner childhood and create everlasting memories as you unwind after all the formalities of your special day? An entire day and evening of classy fun and laughter is something we can guarantee.

All our white wedding bouncy castles are PIPA and PAT tested, and fully insured as well.

Lots of Bouncy Fun and Laughter on Your Special Day

Our elegant looking like wedding bouncy castles are designed to stand out at your special event with their unique turret design and spire towers reaching __ feet into the air. Add an extra touch of class to your wedding and wow guests by adding hand sewn white drapes and lovely hanging wedding flowers.

White bouncy castles are an absolute must have when it comes to wedding party entertainment. Keep all the children as well as adults at your wedding reception occupied and also enjoy some great photo taking opportunities – even as you look through your wedding photo album 10 years down the line. Imagine the joy it will bring you and your spouse when you see your guests beaming and smiling while frozen 5 feet in the air in those white bouncy castle photos.

Create memories that you can reminisce over several decades from now with our lovely white wedding bouncy castles.

Call now to book your white bouncy wedding castle and enjoy an entire day filled with fun and hilarious laughter.