About Us

The Story So Far ...

1 Entertainment is a business that has gone from strength to strength and expanded over a period of more then fifteen years, continuing to advance the services we offer within the industry and to our clients today.

The story began in 1993 when our Managing Director, who had always expressed a keen interest in music, was bought his first set of decks as a gift aged just 15. Following hours of gruelling practice, not forgetting to mention the annoyance endured by his parents, Ross Kavanagh made the decision to take his passion for music that step further launching a mobile disco business. In these early stages the name “DJ Kav Mobile Discos” was given, although, this quite soon evolved into what is known now as “1 Entertainment”.

Months of hard work and advertising resulted in the company’s steady growth and expansion. From that first nerve wracking disco gradually word of mouth spread and recommendations for his high quality service soon saw Ross well established as the face of numerous successful discos in and around his local area.

Continued exceptional service provided at each event made sure of repeat business and the company quickly multiplied. To keep up with such high demands Ross appointed a team of skilled DJs to assist with discos all over the South East.

The interest in the business spread rapidly and new opportunities arose. Resident DJ status was granted in familiar well-established bars and clubs across the South East including Lloyds, Yates, Smith and Jones’ bars to name just a few, eventually stretching out across Europe taking Ross to Magaluf and Malia to add to his working portfolio.

Such success confirmed that there was a definite niche in the market for a company that guarantees to provide the ultimate event experience and that is where we find ourselves today. With the promise to offer consistent, excellent customer service tailored to an individuals specific needs supported by a professional, talented, and dedicated team 1 Entertainment has evolved into the well recognised and trusted brand you see today! 

That small family-run business is now a distant memory having developed and expanded into the nationwide entertainment specialist we are currently. Although the story started all those years ago and we have overcome many challenges to gain the status we have to date, this is just the beginning of our journey.

1 Entertainment have a mission statement 'Events Executed with Excellence' and we are confident that every one of our events no matter how big or small is given the same care and attention. We are recommended supplier for numerous venues and our working portfolio continues to grow daily. 

Our vision is to continue to deliver the best possible service in the industry at competitive rates ensuring that we provide a service that will delight our clients, is memorable and something that we can be very proud of.