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The big day – your wedding – marks a life-changing event which demands flawless planning and execution. And since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, it absolutely deserves the best in terms of venue, decoration, entertainment and much more.

At 1 Entertainment, we understand how some folks prefer a small and relatively humble gathering while others want to go all out and spare no expense in terms of wedding planning and wedding entertainment.

We are a wedding hire service with close to two decades of experience and we have worked with nearly every type of wedding size and theme you might imagine. We’ll help you execute your special day exactly as you have envisioned, using a mix of the best wedding decorations, venue planning, entertainment and other recreational activities to keep your guests occupied – making the day (and night) that much more memorable.

We also understand that wedding planning can present the kind of stress that you just don’t need on your wedding day – with all the frustrations that are associated with getting the little details right and adding those final touches to make the event unforgettable.

From the bouquet, wedding dress and venue selection to the appropriate seating arrangement, suit, menu, and much more, there’s just so much to do and so much to plan. Well, you can forget worrying about all of that as we’ll take care of each and every aspect of your wedding including planning, decoration and entertainment.

1 Entertainment – A Wedding Hire Service unlike Any Other

With the majority of weddings split into basic categories such as the main ceremony, drinks reception, wedding buffet/breakfast and evening reception – there’s no limit to what we can do for your wedding.

We offer an entire range of wedding entertainment options to spruce things up including LED starlit dance floors, photo booths, wedding bouncy castles, chocolate fountains, magic mirrors, garden games, mood lighting and even an entire casino. And we’ve barely scratched the surface here with so much more on offer.

Suffice it to say, there is no shortage of wedding entertainment options with us and we are the nation’s preferred wedding entertainment hire and wedding planning service for a mighty fine reason.

With so many wonderful options on offer, not sure where to start? We’ll help you choose the right wedding venue and then work on a theme that you feel best describes your wedding – and we’ll help you decide on each aspect from ceremonial decorations to how the reception rooms should look and feel.

From getting the atmosphere right through mood lighting to creating the best vibe for your dance floor to giant illuminated letters as the backdrop, we take care of it all.

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