Wedding Photo Booth Hire Gallery

Stunning Photo Booths for Wedding

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to bring your friends and family together. What better place to create adorable memories and get photos taken of everybody than beautifully built wedding photo booths?

Our wedding photo booths feature a touch screen, state of the art DSLR camera and an instant printer so that you can share high-quality photos with your friends and family, including an extra another copy for your guest book. Treasure a great collection of photos with our wedding photo booth for hire.

The professional wedding photo booths we offer come in a range of designs to suit your wedding and can easily house up to eight people or more at a time. We’ll also provide you with a highly trained photo booth attendant to keep the booths running smoothly and interact with your guests throughout the duration of the event – so that there’s never a dull moment while photos are being taken.

A beautifully crafted wedding photo booth adds to the ambience of your reception and also gets everybody excited for the fun and, at times, silliness that’s about to ensue. We’ll go well beyond your expectations by guaranteeing the best service possible. Our wedding photo boats are unique while our attendees love interacting with guests, encouraging everybody to participate and get into the spirit of making faces while getting their photos taken.

Custom Wedding Photo Booth for Hire

With your choice of unique background colours, light up each photo with that personal touch according to the theme of your wedding.

Sometimes, weddings can not only be stressful for the bride and groom but also for the guests. But after we have your photo booth set up by our charismatic wedding photo booth attendant, your guests are in for some magical entertainment – at the end of the day, you’ll hear nothing but laughter and see faces smiling and beaming carelessly with joy.

We’ll see to it that you’re special day is as memorable as possible with all the necessary equipment on hand. Our staff is extremely professional but also knows how to have fun – they absolutely love entertaining guests and helping them get set up for the perfect shot if need be.

With are customised wedding photo booths for hire, we guarantee a day that’s chock full of fun and excitement. It’s no wonder wedding photo booths are all the craze here in the UK – especially since everybody has a social media account, where they can upload photos instantly and share them with their loved ones, including those that were unfortunate enough not to make it to the wedding.

Hire a wedding photo booth with us today and make your big day memorable in unimaginable ways.