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Transform Your Venue with Bespoke Wedding Mood Lighting

No matter how large or small your wedding venue, we can transform it almost entirely through elegant wedding mood lighting – helping you create the most desirable atmosphere for your very special day.

From covering just the dance floor, bar and entrances to the hall, passageways and balconies or even the entire venue – our LED mood lighting for weddings produces rich and vibrant colours to set the right mood, even if it’s the middle of the day.

Whether you need warm or cool lights or require a unique colour mixing, our LED mood lighting systems can be individually controlled, making it possible for you to select an entire range of colours specific to each room. We can help you create virtually any lighting effect you desire, with your imagination being the only limiting factor.

Inject that “Wow Factor” into Your wedding with LED Mood Lighting

It’s no secret at all that the right kind of lighting can set the perfect mood for your special day – it also goes without saying that the wrong kind of lighting can almost completely ruin the moment. For a fact, lighting is among the most crucial factors to consider when it comes to making your wedding a complete success.

The right mood lighting for your wedding can almost entirely transform the venue, set the desired atmosphere and make the entire event feel like a true, well-executed masterpiece.

If you’ve never heard of LED mood lighting, it is a combination of pinpoints, textured lighting and up-lights to set a certain mood and tone in the atmosphere. With the up-lights strategically placed around all four corners of each room, architectural features can be highlighted, transforming relatively unsophisticated spaces into rooms that are alive with ambience.

The icing on the cake comes with pinpoint lighting which, as you might imagine, focuses light to specific areas within a room or the venue – such as tables, seats or other standouts like the wedding cake. Combine this illuminative gimmickry with textured lighting and you can easily create more visual interest and new dimensions by turning boring walls into extraordinary pieces that the guests won’t stop admiring. Patterns can also be created by breaking up the light source to further ‘lift’ spaces.

Here are more reasons to have wedding mood lighting at your venue:

  • Light can be directed to where it’s needed the most
  • Key architectural features can be highlighted
  • Flat and boring walls can be the backdrop of a vibrant theme
  • Allows you to switch off venue lights to heighten the DJ dance floor lighting effect;
  • And much more!

You are merely a phone call away from hiring the best wedding mood lighting service in town.