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Magician Hire for Wedding

If you’re looking for a wedding magician hire to entertain guests during the drinks reception or keep them occupied as the main event draws closer, you’ve certainly arrived at the right place!

Our wedding magician will entertain, delightfully challenge and excite your guests during the cocktail hour and get your reception off to a festive start. Our professionally trained wedding magician for hire can easily mingle with your friends and family, showing them incredible and mind-boggling experiences to remember.

We offer a lot more than an evening of great magic – a wedding magician hire is the perfect ice-breaker, setting a fun and festive tone for the evening ahead.

Why Hire Magician for Wedding?

Many couples hire a wedding magician to entertain their guests with some up-close and ‘in your face’ magic during the drinks reception – in fact, it has now become one of the most popular kinds of wedding entertainment.

Imagine our professional wedding magician for hire approaching unsuspecting guests and performing mind-blowing tricks with rings, ropes, coins, cards and much more – right under their very noses! They wouldn’t have a clue what happened – and it’s that look on their faces that is so priceless every time!

It’s not at all unusual for couples to have a wedding magician around until the evening reception is over, as it’s a great way to make the final leg of your big day that much more memorable – as our friendly magician goes around shocking people with his mini illusions and clever magic tricks.

Magician hire for wedding happens to be a superb entertainment choice as they are absolute experts at keeping your guests occupied and entertained while photos are being taken. As the guests loosen up with fits of laughter and involuntary gasps, a friendly and fun atmosphere ensues where everyone has a chance to mingle more and really get into the wedding spirit.

As your wedding band performs, our professional magician will add an extra touch of entertainment that excites everybody – and the best part is close-up magic is something that adults and kids alike will find entertaining. So if you’re looking to delight your guests and make your big day “magical” in more ways than one – book a wedding magician with us and witness a level of showmanship that is rarely present in other wedding entertainment specialities.

Magician Hire for Wedding

Majority of wedding receptions get off slowly and that’s perfectly normal. While the bride’s maids are busy getting their photos taken, the guests start to arrive at around the cocktail hour. Before you know it, people start lining up for drinks, getting to know the other guests, making small talk, etc. and just waiting for the ‘fun part’ to start, really.

This waiting can sometimes stretch well beyond an hour. What better way to keep them busy than by hiring a professional wedding magician who can break the ice and get everyone laughing together in awe and amazement?

Make the drinks line fun again with our magician hire for wedding.