Why Wedding Marquees Are Growing in Popularity

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 11 2021

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Wedding Marquee

Are you currently planning a wedding and running into road block with the venue or what you can do for the event?

It is a common problem for many couples and can be frustrating, but more weddings these days are utilizing marquees to help make the event all it can be. Marquees are specialized structures that can be set up to provide shelter and the ideal place to have the perfect wedding you have been dreaming of. If you are planning your wedding, consider a marquee hire for the event. Here are just a few reasons why wedding marquees are growing in popularity.

Can Be Set Up Anywhere

Wedding venues range drastically from high end sophisticated to more rustic in appearance. For the more popular venues, it can be difficult to nail down an actual date for the event as the venue’s schedule can fill up very quickly. Couples generally have special dates they prefer based on experiences together and when the date is the most important part for you, it can be difficult to find a venue during the busy season.

Marquees free you from having to worry about a venue’s schedule at all. These structures can be set up practically anywhere. You can have a beautiful ceremony in a field, garden, or anywhere without contending with the high cost venues employ during popular wedding months.

Extended Space in a Restricted Venue

Today’s wedding venues can be vast with huge ballrooms to accommodate as many guests as necessary. However, older venues and historic structures do not always have such vast space. These venues tend to restrict the guest list, so couples are forced to cut down on who can come to their event. Never compromise. When you want the whole family and extended family along with all your friends to witness your special day, Marquees can help. Wedding marquees help to make even a small wedding venue more versatile, so everyone can attend.

No More Double Booking

Weddings can sometimes be double booked at a venue. It is uncomfortable, but whether it was a computer error or a human one, it can happen. When this anomaly does occur, the venue will ask for one couple to reschedule. However, that is not always an option if invitations have already been set up and deposits have been placed, so wedding venues today can opt for marquees to help alleviate the problem of one couple choosing another date. Marquees set up on the grounds allow everyone to enjoy the space and have the wedding of their dreams without compromising anything.

You Cannot Predict the Weather

An outdoor wedding is a beautiful occasion and it would be nice if you could have a dial available to you to make the weather exactly as you want it. In the real world, however, rain and storms can happen quickly and without warning. When weddings are scheduled sometimes, years in advanced, it is impossible to know exactly what the weather will be doing on that particular day. Marquees are available to help make your special day perfect even if the weather is not. These structures allow you to have the sun shining in when it chooses to come our and also keeps the rain at bay in case a pop up storm threatens to ruin your day.

Take Full Advantage of Views

Marquees are more than just your average tent. These structures come in both opaque and clear varieties. That means you can have a shaded and air conditioned event or you can opt for the clear variety to take full advantage of the views at your chosen venue. Either one you choose, you can rest assured, your guests will be safe, comfortable, and truly enjoy themselves. Marquees can be set up on cliffside to take advantage of dramatic coastal views anywhere you want to take in the surroundings form a comfortable environment.

Fully Customizable

One of the biggest advantages of a Marquee hire is the chance to have a fully customizable shelter option. Marquees can be set up for small, intimate weddings, or weddings with thousands of attendees. It is up to the couple how large they want the marquee and what features they would like to see as well. Marquees can be customized with decorations and virtually anything the couple wants to have at their wedding. The possibilities are endless with marquee hire Essex and surrounding areas.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and that day deserves the perfect place to happen. Marquees open up the day for more possibilities than simply relying on what the venue offers. Whether you want to have a wedding in an open field or a venue with restrictions on how many guests can attend, marquees can help make your dream wedding a reality without compromising on anything.