4 Reasons Why Theme and Styling Are Important to Your Business

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 19 2022

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Have you recently attended an event that you enjoyed so much? It could be the launch of a new product, wedding, conference, outdoor gala dinner, or any other occasion. When you attended such a fun affair, what was the one persistent factor that stuck in your mind? 

You might have noticed a commonality if you paid attention to these events. The overall ambience would draw you in, setting the tone for the event. It was effective in engaging you, making the experience memorable. 

As such, choosing a theme that aligns with a company's objectives and represents its brand is the key to having an impactful event. It should also match the overall feel of the event.

Why Is It Necessary? 

Setting up a themed office event is a great way to draw more patrons into your business and keep your brand exciting. This same rule applies to internal affairs, too. Your employees' morale and engagement elevate when they feel special and credited. Besides, they are the ultimate advocates for your company.

Here is a rundown of four key reasons why theme and styling are important to your business.

Sets the Tone of the Event

Taking on a theme can serve as a unifying idea that brings together your client's marketing goals and design objectives. For example, using their key phrases to your advantage and your own visual branding can really help set the tone for the event and tie it together. This could be included on programs, welcome signs, tickets, attire, lighting, giveaways, and more.

Gets People Excited

Choosing a theme for your party is not just about picking a popular idea. It's about connecting with your guests and creating an experience that will be memorable, whether it's for the decor and food or for the fun activities you put on. 

If you are planning a party-style event, you could create a fun and on-trend theme to impact your guests. However, this could also be as simple as making a nice decor space to suit the room.

A well-executed theme can make your guests feel excited and the event memorable.

Creates Remarkable Memories

Planning the perfect and remarkable party is all about getting the best entertainment and ambience possible. A theme helps make an event memorable and gives people something to talk about and remember afterwards. 

From themed parties to cocktail hours and photo booths, there will be an unforgettable party for everyone at your next event.

Creates Social Media Promotion

Turning an event into a social media story will create buzz, get people excited, and encourage them to share the experience with other people. To do so, try to choose decorations that simplify the design process and make it easy for guests to take pictures. 

When selecting decorations for your event, think about props and backdrops that will encourage guests to take selfies. For example, if you are holding a themed birthday party, have the guests take multiple selfies with props like giant dice and unicorn horns in the background.


A style and a theme is an elevator pitch for an event. The fun associated with the theme also makes the event memorable for your guests. 

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