5 Reasons You Should Consider Having an Outdoor Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 19 2022

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Outdoor Wedding

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you want to ensure that it’s THE wedding you want. There are many ways to celebrate this union, but one of the best is an outdoor wedding. 

An outdoor wedding isn’t only for destination weddings—you can have it in your garden or at a park near you. Here are the reasons you should consider an outdoor wedding.

1. Get to Be in Natural Scenery

There’s something about being in the outdoors that makes you feel free. 

You will have access to natural elements like the trees, water and sky, which can easily become a part of your wedding decor. Flowers, for instance, would be so much more special if you could find a wild patch or bloom them in your own garden. 

There are also things like having your own waterfall or just a small stream that could become a backdrop to your special day.

2. Have Beautiful Wedding Photos

You’re likely to have one of the most beautiful wedding photos ever if you have the wedding outdoors. It will give you such a different perspective, and you can capture different angles that you wouldn’t have during a traditional wedding.

There are some things in nature that you can use as backgrounds that you wouldn’t be able to get indoors. You can take photos at the beach with your back to the ocean or in the forest with the trees behind you.

The outdoors also allows for plenty of natural light, so your photos will be more vibrant.

3. Invigorate All Senses

Being in nature will invigorate all of your senses.

You can let your guests enjoy the birds singing, the bugs buzzing, and the smell of the flowers. It is a truly unique experience, especially if you have never done it before.

You can even have your wedding near a stream, a lake or the ocean so that your guests can fully enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful sights around them.

4. Have So Much Fun

Since you’re not stuck in a stuffy, indoor venue, you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest. You can just let loose and have a blast.

You can have a dance floor that opens up to the stars or a swing that allows you to stare at the clouds. You can even have a picnic area where you can have a barbecue or just a table full of fruits and desserts.

5. Allow You to Be More Creative

If you have the wedding outdoors, you can be more creative than you would be if you were indoors.

You don’t have to stick with classic table settings when you can have your own wildflower arrangements as centrepieces. You can also have your own unique wedding favours that you wouldn’t be able to do with an indoor wedding.

Say 'I Do' Outdoors

Outdoor weddings are some of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies in the world. They make for such a more natural, artistic and fun celebration where you and your guests can have an amazing time. As soon as you can, plan your wedding outdoors, and you’ll have the wedding of your dreams.

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