Here’s Why Your Corporate Events Need a Marquee Hire

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on May 24 2022

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COVID restrictions are easing, but they're certainly not completely waived just yet. That said, there's a likelihood you're already planning a corporate event. This is a big deal since it's been quite some time since something of that nature has happened.

While there are still measures in place meant to help the event move forward, including more guests is possible when the event is conducted outdoors. A marquee hire is an ideal means of achieving this without having to stress about the weather! After all, what kind of event would be able to go smoothly if the unpredictable British weather had its way with it?

Read on to learn more about why picking a marquee for your upcoming corporate event is high-key beneficial:

1 - It Allows for the Designation of Stations

Many smaller marquees are ideal for various stations to be created throughout your event, similar to stalls one would find at a fair. In some cases, teams will need to complete activities at multiple stations. Having marquees will come in handy here.

Holding a job fair will also benefit from this, with every business involved getting their own station. Planning the event's layout will go much more smoothly, thanks to taking on a marquee hire.

2 - It Goes Well with Catering Services

Serving food and drink at the event? You're going to need to consider the food preparation, cooking and serving area. Make sure to designate a tent that's meant specifically for catering. Aside from protecting the food well enough, there can be a handy area for food prep and even a cooking area as needed.

Needless to say, a separate dining marquee is imminent, though that will depend on the event's scale and size. It will be easy enough to place furniture that's hired along with the marquee to give guests maximum comfort.

When guests are able to enjoy drinks and food at any event, they instantly have a much better time. No matter what you're hoping to do at the event, employees will absolutely appreciate a good dining experience.

3 - It Is Generally Cheaper Than a Venue Hire

Working on a tight budget and not in need of an indoor venue? Save your funding and hire a marquee instead! You will then have much more affordability to work with that helps you hold your event anywhere, even in the car park of your office.

4 - It Provides Proper Shelter for Outdoor Events

Having a marquee at an event held outdoors will go a long way to provide at least some shelter in questionable weather conditions. The reason behind the upcoming corporate event notwithstanding, a sheltered area may be necessary for a drinks area or for group tasks to be completed.

However the marquee is used, guests will see it and know that you've considered their needs and really put plenty of effort into the event proper.


Corporate events can happen for any number of reasons. Nowadays, they're slowly returning to physical, in-person affairs instead of just being online as restrictions ease. A marquee hire brings many benefits, such as helping with catering matters and providing outdoor shelter.

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