Jump For Joy: Why Add Bouncy Castles to Your Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 24 2021

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Weddings are a time for celebration. All of the important people in your life will probably be on your special day to take part in your milestone. While the ceremony itself is important, it’s vital not to underestimate the reception’s significance, particularly the entertainment. 


The truth is, over time, your guests may not remember how your dessert tastes or what your floral arrangements look like during your wedding day. However, they will likely recall all the fun (or the lack of it) they had. For this reason, you must choose the right way to keep your friends and loved ones entertained on your big day. 


If you are looking for suitable entertainment for your wedding, consider hiring a bouncy wedding castle. Here are some reasons why this odd solution is worth adding to your celebration:


It’s Perfect for All Ages


Weddings used to be formal affairs demanding three-piece suits and high-end cuisine. Nowadays, if your event tends to be too serious and stuffy, don’t be surprised when your guests get bored to death. One of the best ways to prevent this issue is to let everyone have fun by encouraging them to just let loose and simply have a good time.


Now that you are starting a new journey with your partner, you and your guests deserve to feel like kids again. You can do that once you jostle around and literally jump for joy inside a bouncy castle for weddings. Plus, kids can play too and even make new friends while the parents take a break and chat amongst themselves.


It Suits Themed Weddings


Themed weddings can make your celebration more unforgettable. If you chose a fairy tale theme for your big day, a bouncy wedding castle would perfectly fit into your theme. You can even add other wedding entertainment options like magicians, fairy lights, food trucks, and more to bring the theme to life. Matching your wedding’s theme is an excellent way to let guests love and enjoy the fun nature of your celebration.


It Encourages Everyone to Socialise


Weddings are social events, but if you have guests who don’t know each other, the atmosphere can be awkward, and they are less likely to socialise with one another. Thankfully, you can create a more lively and welcoming ambience by making a bouncy castle part of your celebration. Since everyone will be bouncing around and having fun together, they will be encouraged to meet and make new friends.


It’s an Ideal Photo Backdrop


Wedding photos let you preserve the most precious memories you made on your big day. Instead of doing a regular big group shot, imagine your guests will be doing something uniquely different for the photos when you have the bouncy castle. For instance, you can have all of them aboard the bouncy castle. They will be photographed jumping midair, which makes for a fun and one-of-a-kind photo and memory.




Don’t settle for regular wedding entertainment options that can make your big day dull and forgettable. To host a celebration that will definitely be remembered for many years to come, consider incorporating fantastic bouncy castles into your special day. They are interactive and are assured to keep everyone entertained for hours. 


If you are looking for a bouncy castle for hire in Surrey, reach out to 1 Entertainment. What we offer isn’t your average party tents. We offer unique products like all-white bouncy castles, which are suitable for your formal yet fun affair. Contact us to request a quote!