Where to Have Your Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 11 2021

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Wedding Venue

Potential Venues You May Have Already Thought of and Some That You May Not Have Considered

Planning for a wedding can sometimes take years and the event is often planned around a specific venue. However, booking that venue for your ideal wedding date might come as a challenge. However, if you are flexible on the date and your chosen venue, you can find some truly epic places to say your “I Do’s.” Here are just some of the possible wedding venues to explore before making the final decision on where to get married.

Adventurous Locations

Not all couples are set to be married in a simple church ceremony. For those that want to roam and love the outdoors, adventure driven locations can make for an amazing ceremony and reception location. These wedding spots tend to be off the beaten path and can be anything from caves, to hillsides, to cliffside locations perched right on the ocean. Couples that want to have a small, intimate style of ceremony often benefit from these locations as they tend to have smaller occupancy rates, depending on the size of the location. The main advantage to this type of wedding is the chance to have some amazing, and inspired photography to commemorate the event. If you are the adventurous type, consider a smaller wedding in an amazingly dramatic location.

Libraries, Galleries, or Museums

Some of the most breathtaking structures in the entire world are art galleries, libraries, and museums. Where these locations might not seem like ideal places to have a wedding, think of how truly amazing photographs and the ceremony itself might look. Renting one of these spaces for a wedding can be a little pricey and your guest list can be limited, but for those who have had weddings in these beautiful locations, it was all worth it. Imagine, classic works of art and remarkable tapestries as the backdrop to your impending life together.

Greenhouses and Gardens

Green may not be a color you think of as a main backdrop for your wedding, but think of this. Green is the color of life and each year, when new buds begin to show on spring trees and flowers, they are met with a renewed exuberance that only the color green seems to provide. You can have that life giving color all around you along with virtually every color in the rainbow when your wedding is held in a greenhouse or botanical gardens. These types of ceremonies encompass natural beauty and have the underlying theme of new life for the new couple. Do not fret about the weather in one of these amazing locations. You can always employ a marquee hire Essex to keep everyone safe and dry.

Historic Locations

History is everywhere we look and historic wedding venues have become one of the most popular options for happy couples. One of the main drawbacks to historic locations is the fact that many do not allow huge crowds, but again, the option here is to rent a marquee for the event and extend any limited space. Additionally, some historic venues may restrict children at the event, but to keep the kids distracted, consider a bouncy castle hire to keep them entertained and away from historic features. The beauty of a historic wedding location is that your pictures will become a part of history and you will always have a record of the location as it was in all its epic beauty.

Barn Venues

Rustic themed weddings are not merely a trend with happy couples, but a more economical approach to getting married. Barn venues take advantage of, not only the expansive space a barn structure offers, but the inspired beauty of the surrounding land. Fields of crops and natural settings make for a beautiful backdrop for pictures throughout the day and often, guests can easily be enacted into the theme with a farm friendly attire option. Even though a barn wedding ceremony may not be considered as high end, it can offer you and your love the chance to have all your family and friends in attendance in a less formal environment, so everyone can feel comfortable attending.

Your wedding is a day you will remember for your entire life and it should be exactly what you want to be. Consider these locations when choosing a wedding venue and even if the venue seems out of the ordinary, it only adds to the uniqueness of your union. There is certainly no one way to have a wedding and these venues prove every couple can find their ideal location to showcase their love for the each other to the world.