Here’s What You Can Get with an Open Bar at Your Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on May 17 2022

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Having an open bar at any event could add a sense of fun for everybody. This is why it might be your best idea to have one during one of the most important days of your life. Read on to discover what you can get with an open bar at your wedding.

An Open Bar Is a Considerate Gesture for Your Guests

Indeed, it is courteous to have an open bar for your visitors. Many of your guests have paid for their own flights, hotels, and gifts to attend your wedding. Feeding and hydrating your guests is a nice way of thanking them for their presence.

Moreover, guests at open-bar weddings tend to stay until the last song.

An Open Bar Invites Everybody to Enjoy and Dance

If you value an enjoyable time with open dancing during this special day, your wedding reception must include an open bar. Adults' inhibitions about dancing fade quickly after a few drinks. The sight of your uncle bouncing around with his tie on his head and your parents tearing up the dance floor will be well worth it.

An Open Bar Can Help You Stock Your Home Bar

In certain cases, a fully stocked home bar is the outcome of an open bar at a wedding reception. If you furnish the alcohol for an open bar, you get to keep the remaining bottles. Unopened bottles may usually be returned, but a home bar is a fantastic wedding gift for the couple.

The Benefits of a Wedding Open Bar

A wedding open bar:

  • is a great way to say thank you to your guests for coming to your party.

  • encourages dancing and mingling.

  • gives less worry to the newlywed couple! With enough variety, every guest will find a beverage they enjoy.

  • removes the hassle of lining up and paying at a cash bar. When guests are not compelled to pay for each drink, the line moves more swiftly.

  • keeps no tabs to shut or distractions to deal with.

Customizing Your Open Bar 

You and your partner may not be heavy drinkers, but you want your guests to have a wonderful time. Perhaps your budget is too limited for an open bar. A way to do this is to determine an estimate of your guests and stick to a budget that can accommodate all of them. You may also offer an endless supply of your signature drink on hand. As a result, you can buy the ingredients for your drinks and offer your guests the option of drinking for free or paying for anything else.

If your reception is during the day or starts during the day, you may first offer non-alcoholic beverages, ginger beers, and whatnot. Make sure all your guests are refreshed and hydrated before opening the bar for the night.


Weddings are great since you can create your own bar and serve whatever you want. Remember that, as essential as it is to consider your guests, this day is about you and the celebration of your marriage. And in case you want to bounce off ideas and craft a tailor-fit solution for what you want, simply speak with a wedding vendor and bartender services for guidance and assistance.

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