8 Essential Things to Rent for Your Next Big Corporate Event

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jan 24 2023

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Organising corporate events like a gala or a Christmas party is one of the best ways to increase employee engagement, build company culture, and reward workers for their hard work. Letting them come together and socialise casually can boost morale and establish meaningful relationships between colleagues. 

However, like other successful occasions, you must thoroughly plan it to ensure everything runs smoothly and avoid last-minute dramas. One of the crucial things you must consider is what goes on your corporate event package’s checklist. 

This article will enumerate eight essential things event planners must rent for their next major corporate event. 

1. Cutlery Hire 

No corporate meal would be complete without cutlery, regardless of the occasion’s size and type. These utensils can decorate a table and are essential when serving food.

You can add fancy cutlery to your corporate event package to give your table settings a wow factor on your next socialisation night. We recommend getting stainless steel and gold utensils if you're going to make mealtime a memorable one. 

2. Crockery Hire 

Besides the mouthwatering food, you must also consider the kind of bowls, plates, and dishes you need for your corporate socialisation night. While it may not be a primary focus, we still recommend collaborating with the catering staff on what you need. You can add porcelain crockery to your corporate event package’s checklist if you want something durable and aesthetically pleasing. 

3. Glassware Hire 

To help you decide on how much glassware you need for your socialisation day, determine what event your company will host and how many people will attend. You should also consider where and when to serve the drinks, such as water, champagne, and wine. Moreover, check if you’ll serve drinks in the foyer and need a bar in the evening. 

You can ensure everyone enjoys the event by creating a plan outlining all the glassware you need to hire and checking if there are enough glasses for everyone. 

4. Table and Chair Hire

You should never forget to add the table and chair rental to your corporate event package, especially if you’re hosting a formal dining event. These help guests have a comfortable place to sit and enjoy their meals. Round tables are available in different sizes and usually accommodate eight to ten people. For chair hire, we recommend renting Chiavari or Napoleon chairs if you want something fancy. 

5. Staging

Whether you’re inviting a guest speaker or the CEO to give a presentation during your next major gathering, you may need to add a modular and portable staging to your corporate event package’s checklist to make it possible. It keeps your audience engaged and creates a professional atmosphere. You can easily rent this type of equipment from many reputable companies. 

6. Dance Floor 

Having a dance floor at a socialisation night is a must-have because it provides a designated area for people to dance and have fun. It usually comes in panels that easily fit together without using tools or screws. You can always ask the rental company to customise the style and design to the party’s theme. 

7. Mobile Bar

A bar should accommodate the number of guests for any corporate event. You can create a comfortable atmosphere by renting poseur tables, coffee tables, stools, sofas, and armchairs. 

8. Catering Equipment

If you are providing food for your corporate event, you must get the necessary equipment early, such as the freezers, refrigerators, ovens, and grills for your head chef. Place your order immediately so you can have enough time to get them before the event. 


Planning a major event can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the industry. Fortunately, creating a checklist for your corporate event packages can help ensure a successful gathering. 

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