What to Rent and What to Purchase for Your Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 11 2021

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Wedding Planning

A wedding can be very expensive or budget minded, but no matter how lavish your nuptials are intended to be, you will have to make some decisions along the way.

Wedding planners are there to assist with these decisions, but they are ultimately up to you to make. The decision primarily comes down to what you should rent for the event and what you need to purchase to make your wedding exactly what you want it to be, so to help you out, here are things you can rent and some you may want to actually purchase for your special day.

Tables and Chairs

Wedding venues often supply these essentials and tend to have enough for the occupancy rating of the space. However, if you need more or wish to extend the space, you can, potentially rent additional tables and chairs. It should be noted that any additional space needs and requirements for extra seating should be cleared with the venue to ensure no rules are violated and you go along with their requirements. Most venues have additional outdoor spaces that can be rented along with the main venue for those wishing to expand their guest list.

Bouncy Castle

Although not every wedding will have one of these, they are becoming more popular. A bouncy house hire in Essex is one of the best options for those looking to entertain the young ones while the adults enjoy their entertainment. Dancing is fun, but for kids, it is all about jumping around in one of these bouncy castles. Unless you intend on using the bouncy castle for many, many years, it is best to rent one of these as investing in the purchase of a bouncy castle is a huge expense and that money can be used elsewhere for your special day.

Dance Floor

Generally speaking, a dance floor rental is not always necessary. Most event venues have a place to move and shake what you have, but certain outdoor venues may lack available dance space. Dance floor rentals can be a fun and exciting experience as many of them offer unique lighting features that add more fun to the event. Renting a dance floor for the evening is not essential, but will certainly add a little spark to the wedding. If you do want a dance floor hire for your event, ensure you purchase one large enough for your expected number of guests. Everyone may not be dancing at the same time, but you do want to ensure space for everyone to be comfortable and not overly crowded.


Your dream wedding might be a picturesque location outdoors while the sun shines down upon you and your love or a beautiful sunset or sunrise service along the coast. No matter which one you choose, never neglect a Marquee hire in Essex, the weather might cooperate and it might disappoint you and you will never know until the actual event takes place, so a marquee hire will certainly save you some potential aggravation should the weather not be ideal. Additionally, hiring a marquee for your wedding can provide additional shade for guests in open locations and offer a secure place to serve food as well.


Certain decorations can be purchased, but other, larger options should be rented. Flowers and small decorations such as centerpieces can be purchased inexpensively and even arrangements made by a crafty hand. Larger decorative options such as devices where the couple will stand for the ceremony can sometimes be provided or rented from the venue, but if none are available, there are plenty of places that offer to rent these options for use. A helpful suggestion for the couple looking for budget friendly decorations is to shop second hand stores and seek out after holiday sales. The day after a holiday, many decorative items are priced up to 50% lower and shopping like this can save you considerably over time.

The Ultimate Dress

Naturally, you want your wedding dress to be the centerpiece of the entire experience. Wedding dresses can cost anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands, so there is a lot of wiggle room in how much you should spend on the dress. Purchasing your own dress allows you to have the ability to pass it down to the next generation and always maintain that memory. However, there are also options to rent the wedding dress you desire. Wedding dress hires are becoming more popular as they allow the wearer to enjoy a more elaborate style dress without paying premium prices. You will be only wearing that dress once, ideally, so it is certainly something to consider.

Have the wedding of your dreams and know where to put your money. Most things involved in the wedding industry can be rented, but for certain aspects, you will want to purchase. The choice is up to you, but consider carefully. Renting is almost always cheaper than buying.