What You Should Look for in a DJ for Your Corporate Event

By Strick | 1 Entertainment on Jun 13 2023

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Hosting a corporate event is a challenging feat. You must handle many things - invites, food, venue, and event entertainment. To make the entertainment better, it’s a good idea to have a professional DJ play for your corporate event. 

But with so many DJs available today, how will you find the perfect one for your event? Here are four things you can look for in a DJ. 


While we’re not saying that DJs who have been doing their thing for only a year or so are no good, there’s no argument that you’d have peace of mind knowing that you’re hiring someone who has been in the industry for many years. 

If smeone has been active in the industry for years, they’re skilled enough to stay in business. People already trust that they’d do a good job.


You’d want your DJ to have the right equipment to do their job well. For example, if your company event will have over 100 participants, it’s wise to hire a DJ whose equipment is good enough to ensure a vibrant atmosphere for that big crowd. Also, no matter how good a DJ is, if they’re using poor-quality equipment, it’s likely that you won’t get satisfied with their services.

DJ’s Portfolio

You’d expect a DJ to have a deep understanding of the needs of an event in terms of music. For instance, you wouldn’t want a DJ who only knows wedding music. You should ask to see the DJ’s playlist for corporate events. Ask about the music they’ve played for past company events. You want to be sure they’d play the right genre of music and set the right tone for your big event.


If this is your first time ever hosting a corporate event, don’t make the mistake of just hiring the first DJ you find. Ask your friends or your colleagues for their recommendations. If someone you know recently held a party and had a DJ, ask about their experience with that DJ.

You may also consult a professional event organiser or even your other suppliers, like your caterer or decorator, as these people likely know a good DJ they can recommend. 

You can also check reputable online forums and look for reviews on social media of the DJ you are considering to ensure they could provide excellent music and outstanding service to their previous clients. 


With so many DJs out there, it can be tough to find one who can meet your exact needs. However, by following the tips we shared here, you can be certain that you’d find a DJ who will be perfect for your corporate event. So remember to look for one with enough experience, high-quality equipment, a standout portfolio, and stellar reviews to ensure your event’s entertainment will be memorable. 

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