What to Know Before Hiring Corporate Event Entertainment

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Apr 05 2021

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Are you looking for a corporate entertainment company in the UK? You are at the right place.

But before you sign the contract, it is worth a bit of effort to understand things clearly. It helps you to find the best suit entertainment corporate event hire London. Over 43% of event planners revealed that live music and entertainment have helped them to create an awesome experience for the attendees.

The prime goal behind all your efforts is to engage the guests without any glitches. Even the thought of planning all these can be overwhelming if you have not done it before.

Herein are some vital tips for you to find the right corporate entertainment company UKfor your event success.

1.Understanding Your Audience

Let’s assume that you already have the guest list in hand. If so, start creating an audience profile. Do you know them for quite some time?

It gives you a clear idea about the type of people who will attend the event. In case you have been in touch for over a few years, it is possible to guess their likes, expectations from the event entertainment, and so on.

Assess the common traits and characteristics of the eminent guests. This strategy works well to figure out the type of entertainment they may like to find at the event.

When guesswork falls short, it is better to get entertainment feedback from the invitees well in advance. This sure-shot strategy has worked for many organizations in finding the best entertainment options.

2.Avoid Last-Minute Planning

Early bookings put you at an advantage in several ways:

  • Explore the Options- You may find referrals, recommendations, or even shortlist a few of the corporate party organisers offering entertainment. With much time in hand, you can have a consultation with the most eligible ones on the list. Receive a quote, explore different options, and so on. Having time in hand means more opportunities and possibilities.
  • Time for Decision-Making: It’s good if you have met quite a few people, had a discussion and received the quotes. With a bit of extra time in hand, you can compare the rates, services, and other details more precisely.
  • Easy to Avail the Dates- You might already know a few of the best providers in your area. What’s the use if they are already booked on your event date? Early bookings ensure you find more people available on the specific date.


3.Don’t Go Over Budget

You may want to do the best. But there is a need to stick to your budget plans. Spending higher on a band of ten people can be highly expensive possibly much above the allocated funds. Always distribute the money on different expenses to avoid chaos at the last moment.

4.Think About Local Entertainers

If someone is in the town doesn’t mean the person is not good enough. Check the portfolio of local artists, DJs, bands, comedians, magicians, etc. For instance, DJs for hire in Essexcan cut down the travel costs considerably if your venue is nearby. If the time spent on moving is reduced, there are chances to negotiate to get the lower rates.

5.Collect Referrals

Finding a few referrals is a good way to proceed. You may ask your friends, colleagues, and others if they have worked with an entertainment company in the recent past.

If so, how was their experience?

Recommendations from trusted people give a bit more confidence than choosing an unknown team. Contact them to find if these people match your event theme requirements.

6.What About the Portfolio of Past Work

Even if you have found the entertainer via referral, there is no harm to be 100% sure. Inquire if the entertainer can show a portfolio of past performances at a similar event. It’s great if the DJ or the band can provide a couple of videos to see how well they perform, engage the guests, respond to song requests, etc.

7.Don’t Be Shy, Ask Questions

When you have found a few corporate event services offering entertainment packages, a consultation with each of them helps to find the best choice.

Be sure to do some homework here. Prepare a set of questions that you must ask before signing the contract. Herein are some examples:

  • Are you available on my event date?
  • How long have you been working as a corporate event entertainer?
  • What equipment do you use at the corporate event?
  • What is your rate? How much do you charge for overtime?
  • What is included in the rate? Is there anything for which I need to pay extra?
  • How well in advance do I need to pay the deposit? Is there any payment plan?


8.Did the Entertainer Perform at Your Venue Before

There is a specific set of obligations for everyone to follow at the venue. This is mandatory for your corporate events management company, the entertainer, and everyone else present at the banquet hall. If the group or the single performer has already performed at the same place before, it is obvious for them to know the rules.

However, this is not a major issue. Once you have worked out everything, there is time for such things.

9.Maintain Prompt Communication

When working with the corporate party entertainers, there are many things to discuss at various phases- performance timings, arrival, setup, etc. Make sure to ask about the preferred ways to contact the people on the other end- messenger app, email, phone call, etc. Also, ask at what time you may expect the response.

10.Take Your Contract Seriously

Make sure you take enough time to read the contract carefully to understand all the terms and conditions. This precisely states what services are included and whatnot. Signing the contract in a hurry can land you in trouble later.

11.Do they Have Liability Insurance?

Most event venues impose an obligation for the event entertainment companies to have liability insurance. Without this, they won’t be allowed to perform in the hall. The coverage ensures that the company will be responsible for the cost of any damage caused due to their transportation, setup, etc.

Do you want to hire a corporate event entertainer?

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