What to Consider When Hiring a Magician for Your Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Oct 24 2021

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It’s not a traditional thing, but hiring a wedding magician for a wedding is an excellent way to entertain your guests and take them by surprise. Magicians break the ice as guests chatter, welcome drinks, and gather in groups, waiting for entertainment.

But before you jump the gun, you should ask yourself: What qualifications should I look for in a magician? Well, here are some things you should consider:


Entertainment Style

With the many different styles of magic, magicians usually have one thing they’re extremely good at: their expertise. Some magicians are fun and talkative, while others are dark and mysterious. 

Since weddings are intimate gatherings, you want something called close-up or mix and mingle magic style. This style lets the magician wander around and performs magic from a few feet away. This style is flexible and can be performed during the wedding reception, while guests are having their meals, or in the early evening when guests are simply chattering. 

If there will be tons of children at your wedding, a magician can entertain them as grownups focus on the bride and groom. However, be prepared for things to get really loud. 


Years of Experience

You can check a magician’s profile and evaluate other performances they’ve had in the past. Their portfolio should give you a good idea of how long they’ve been doing magic and how good they are at it.

A professional magician will have already performed at hundreds of events, with photos plastered across their website for proof. So, if you see a magician’s portfolio with limited pictures of an event and more portrait photos of themselves, that might mean they don’t have a lot of experience.

Moreover, beware of magicians who claim to have performed for celebrities and royalty. If there are no photos to back up their claim, it likely did not happen.


Talent Fee

Wedding magicians can either be affordable or costly. The range of performers you can get may vary between an enthusiastic amateur who’s okay with being paid with beer money and a longtime pro magician for whom you need to set aside a budget. 

You can also hire a magician who has been on TV, but they’ll likely charge thousands of pounds per hour. Aside from their own fee, you also need to consider the date of the wedding and how many guests are invited. Remember that it’s cheaper to have a wedding in February than one in August. 


Level of Professionalism

Soma magicians do it as a hobby, while others are full-time performers. For your wedding, you might want the latter since their level of professionalism is guaranteed. You are sure to receive an excellent level of service and your guests will be entertained.

Their level of professionalism can be determined by how quickly they respond to your enquiries, how willing they are to answer any questions, and how they’re not hesitant to provide you with a contract, invoice, receipt and references. 

You may also ask if they have public liability insurance (PLI) because some venues do not allow magicians to perform without an insurance certificate.



A magician is an excellent addition to a wedding. They will entertain your guests, get them talking and laughing, and create memorable moments perfect for photo opportunities as they react to the magic being performed in front of them. So, if you want something extraordinary for your wedding day, get a magician! 

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