6 Factors to Consider to Hire the Right Mobile Bar

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 30 2022

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So, you're hosting an event and want to make sure it is the best event possible. Well, you'll need a bar, but not just any bar. We're talking about mobile bars! They're a great option when you want to ensure your event offers a large number of drink options or if you're simply worried that you'll run out of drinks. However, not all mobile bars are built the same, so it is vital for you to know what to consider to hire the right one!

Having said that, let's talk about the factors you should consider to hire the right mobile bar:

1. The Mobile Bar's Reputation

Make sure to do your research on the mobile bar you're considering hiring. Read reviews and talk to people who have used their services before. You want to make sure you're hiring a reputable company that will show up on time and provide the services they've promised.

2. The Mobile Bar's Price

Of course, you'll want to consider the cost of hiring a mobile bar. But don't just go with the cheapest option. Make sure to compare the prices of different mobile bars and see what's included in their fees. Some mobile bars may charge more, but they may also offer more services, such as bartenders or a wider selection of drinks.

3. The Mobile Bar's Selection

When you're planning your event, think about what kind of drinks you want to serve. If you want a wide selection, make sure the mobile bar you hire has the ability to provide that. If you're only serving beer and wine, a simpler mobile bar may be just fine.

4. The Mobile Bar's Staff

In addition to the mobile bar itself, you'll also need to consider the staff. Make sure the mobile bar you hire has enough bartenders to serve your guests. You may also want to consider hiring a company that provides security guards to help keep things safe.

5. The Mobile Bar's Equipment

Depending on the type of drinks you'll be serving, you'll need to make sure the mobile bar has the right equipment. For example, if you're serving cocktails, you'll need to make sure they have all the necessary supplies, such as shakers, glasses, and mixers.

6. The Mobile Bar's Location

Finally, you'll need to consider where the mobile bar will be located. If you'll have the bar in a public place, you'll need to make sure the company has the necessary permits. If you'll have the bar at your home or other enclosed space, you'll need to make sure there's enough space for the bar and that it's in a safe location.


All in all, figuring out which mobile bar is the best one to hire is vital to the success of your event. After all, people are going to be feeling thirsty, and they'll want to quench it with a good drink. Not only will the right bar ensure their favourite drink is always available, but it also takes the worry about satisfying your attendees out of your mind! So, put the time into hiring the right mobile bar, and you'll find yourself enjoying the event more than worrying about it.

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