5 Wedding Theme Ideas for Brides Going for Any Style

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Feb 08 2022

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A wedding theme will set up the tone for your big day and drive any aesthetic decisions made after that. For the same reason, making this commitment might be rather scary. Do you want to pursue the romantic path, or do you want to keep things modern and fresh? With so many varieties and wedding styles to pick from, it may not be easy to make a decision. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Think about what characteristics resonate with you as a partner or individual. Perhaps some colours or design elements have a stronger emotional resonance, or some iconic features have nostalgic worth. You may then let your creativity run wild and design the theme based on those standards.

Here are the five wedding theme ideas for any style:

1. Classic

Classic events are typically steeped in tradition, with time-honoured elements and motifs. With a classic wedding theme, expect to see a focus on the traditional. Wedding invitations, menus, and favours may be designed in the shape of a fan or book and will most likely have an embroidered script font. 

The cake will be adorned with intricate icing patterns on a tiered display, while the bride’s bouquet will be a large, elaborate and wide-brimmed piece. The centrepieces will likely be an ornate horticulture display, such as a variety of white roses. Of course, you will want to decorate the entire venue with a cohesive colour palette and elegant decor.

2. Rustic

A rustic wedding is down-to-earth and plain. It does go back to the good ole days and incorporates many elements associated with the country and farm life. With a rustic wedding theme, expect to see a lot of country-inspired décors, such as burlap, lace, and milk glass. 

The colour palette will be earthy, with many wood, cowhide, and tan hues. The cake will be plain and unfussy, while the centrepieces will mix flowers and foliage.

3. Tropical

Tropical wedding fads are all about warmth, hedonism, and playfulness. Tropical themes are often associated with beaches, but they can also be crafted to be a little more subdued and elegant. Expect to see vibrant colours such as coral, bright yellow, and oranges with a tropical wedding theme. 

The cake will be a fruity and tropical flavour, such as pineapple or banana, and be decorated with tropical flowers. Decorations will be in the shape of palm trees or may include coconuts, shells, and sand, and you can also incorporate many tropical fruits, flowers, and plants into your centrepieces.

4. Minimalist

Suppose you’re a couple that wants to keep things simple and understated. In that case, a minimalist wedding theme is probably for you. It’s clean, sleek, and elegant and will be very modern in feel. With a minimalist wedding theme, you may see a lot of white and neutral colours, as well as a lot of mirrors and light. 

The centrepieces will be very simple, with a single white flower or plant in a tall, elaborate glass vase. The cake will have a minimalist design, a simple frosting pattern, or a very straightforward, basic look. The wedding invitations will likely be white or light-coloured cardstock.

5. Rustic Whimsical

If you are trying to celebrate the rustic elements of a country or farm wedding but still want to add a whimsical vibe, then this may be the theme for you. It will blend the rustic and the whimsical but ultimately maintain a sense of glamour and sophistication. 

With a rustic, whimsical wedding theme, you may see many neutral colours, like cream and ivory, paired with metallics and earth tones. The cake will be a rustic design with an exciting frosting pattern. 

At the same time, the centrepieces will be a mix of flowers, greenery, and twigs. The wedding invitations will likely be a mix of elegant and whimsical and will incorporate various colours and patterns.


There is a wedding theme out there for every couple, no matter what style they may be drawn to. And while you may want to stay true to your style, it’s always a good idea to keep the other person’s tastes in mind. 

You’ll have a stronger sense of cohesion and cohesiveness as a couple if you pick something you both agree on. You also have a lot more flexibility if you don’t go too far out there with your choices. No matter what you’ve decided, it will be the perfect theme for you two.

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