Some Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas to Impress Your Guests

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jan 29 2022

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Everyone dreams of having a great, successful wedding that will impress, not only the bride and groom, but their guests as well. The thing is, such can only be attained by organising a program and venue that is both flawless and creative. One of the aspects that every wedding organiser must look out for is the wedding stage.

Besides the fact that it is one of the venue's highlights, it is also the spot where the bride and groom will sit and stand most of the time while taking in the kind words, greetings, and dedications from their loved ones and friends.

If it is your first time setting up the wedding stage decoration, there is no need to worry. Here are a couple of creative recommendations that may help you with the task.


1. String Lights

These types of lights are popularly used at weddings because they give a beautiful, dreamy effect to almost everything. They are also simple to install. The wonderful part is that they can be used to illuminate nearly any location, even on the trees.

Keep in mind that you have to ensure that they have a long enough cord, or else you have to make a hole on your ceiling to let the cords pass through.


2. Paper Lanterns

These hanging or standing decorations have become a cliché at weddings because of their unique, colourful look. However, they still have a certain feel to them that makes them a must-have during events. That said, remember to consider their size and number.

You can alternate the shades of the lanterns or make them a pattern. It is also advisable to colour coordinate them with the other decorations.


3. Balloons

Balloons are a must-have in any wedding. They are not only fun-looking, but they are also inexpensive and easy to inflate. As before, you should choose their colours in coordination with the colours of the wedding stage decoration.


4. Vases of Flowers

It goes without saying that flowers are needed at any wedding event, especially during the reception. To make the stage look more appealing, you can have a vase of flowers placed at the back or at the side. This can also serve as decoration for the groom's and bride's tables. You can choose from one or a combination of flowers like roses, orchids, and lilies.


5. Statues

A statue of a couple holding hands, a tree, or a horse can make the stage look more beautiful. To give it a luxurious and royal effect, look up to the statues made of gold, silver, and bronze. It is even possible to get them customised to look like the bride and groom.


6. Chalkboard

You can have the back of the stage covered with a chalkboard that can be filled with creative writings from the bride, groom, or the guests. It is also a fun way to keep the guests occupied while the bride and groom are saying their vows.


7. Cake Table

Remember to include the cake table in your wedding stage decoration. You can use it as the stage's focal point. You can either have the cake vertically standing with its tiers facing towards the guests or place it horizontally at the back of the stage. You can also choose to use a cake pedestal and have the groom and the bride stand in front of it.



The wedding stage decoration is one of the essential details of the reception. It is not only about making the venue more beautiful and inviting; it is also about the stage acting as a great addition to the wedding program.

That said, it must be a comfortable spot for the bride and groom to sit and where the guests can enjoy watching and cheering them on.

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