Wedding Planning 101: What to Do before Hiring a Wedding DJ

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jan 16 2023

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Hiring a wedding DJ entails assessing their professionalism, dependability, and candour. During your initial interview with select DJs through a DJ company, ensure that you learn and discover accurate information about them.

Read on to discover what to do before hiring a wedding DJ.

Know If You Can Choose and Meet Your DJ

When it comes to contacting DJ-ing companies, your wedding DJ could not be the person you actually correspond with. This is a common practice in large organisations. As such, make it a point to interview the DJ with whom you will be working to determine your compatibility. To ensure the DJ's services for the event, his or her name must appear on the contract.

Talk about Contracts and Contract Signing

The professionalism of your wedding DJs may vary. Professional DJs have contracts in writing. A contract also includes the DJ's performance and setup specifications, as well as his commitment to the client. We believe that a DJ who does not have a valid contract should not be allowed to perform at a wedding.

Furthermore, many DJ firms will let couples sign a contract without ever meeting their DJ, relying on the DJ's compatibility. This is a terrible concept. The most dependable approach to acquiring certainty is to interview your wedding DJ prior to signing a contract. You will be in a difficult situation if you meet your DJ a week before your wedding and discover that they are not a good fit. When it comes to choosing a DJ, your "gut instinct" is crucial.

Determine the Reservation Rules

A good DJ will keep your date waiting so you can meet. They should also give you time after your meeting to choose and interview additional DJs. Some DJs will try to "hard close" you during your consultation by giving a special discount that will expire the next day or indicating that they will be meeting with another couple on the same date. Unprofessional DJs will use these tactics to keep you from meeting other DJs who they believe you will appreciate more than they do. As such, you should keep your reserved date for one week after the original meeting.

Learn the DJ’s Wedding Experiences

Because of the importance of weddings, your DJ's first wedding should not be yours. Some DJs only perform at a few events (and even fewer weddings) every year, so their level of experience may not be clear based only on their years of experience. Inquire about the number of weddings the DJ has performed at, as a DJ with half the experience may have performed at many more weddings. Inquire about the DJ's DJ training from a DJ school or a DJ firm.
Wedding performances, like any other profession, necessitate remarkable talent. A DJ who only does a few weddings per year may not be "on top of their game" at the time of your wedding. Inquiring about their annual wedding volume will demonstrate their dedication to your event.

Know Your DJ’s Usual Scheduled Events Per Day

Some DJs try to attend as many weekend events as possible. If a DJ has previously performed in the afternoon before your wedding, they will most likely be physically weary during the second half, when they must be alert and energised. Large agencies' "weekend warriors" attend four to six events in three days.

Learn the DJ's Overall Style

Some DJs prefer to manage the playlist and include some of your suggestions. Other DJs let the majority of the music be chosen by the client and rely on their expertise to make it work. You must be familiar with the DJ's technique and the number of songs from which to choose.


Above all, professional wedding DJs take pleasure in their work and can answer inquiries as honestly as they can. After all, it is their goal to match their style according to the mood of your wedding and contribute to the enjoyment of your guests. At the same time, however, beware of unprofessional or scammy behaviour. Once you get past the stage of the interviews, you are sure to find the DJ you and your partner will love for your wedding!

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