Wedding Photobooths and Why Every Wedding Should Have One

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 11 2021

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Wedding Photo Booth

Your wedding will be among the most special days you have in your life and having the right food, venue, and entertainment is essential to its success.

Entertainment options range greatly in the wedding industry and a DJ, live band, chocolate fountain, magician, and bouncy castles have become some of the most entertaining options for any wedding. However, if you overlook the need for a photobooth, your wedding is not going to be what it could be. Wedding photobooths are amazing forms of entertainment and here are just a few reasons why so many couples are choosing this form of entertainment.

Affordability at Its Best

Weddings are not cheap affairs. A high end wedding can easily cost hundreds of thousands, but when your budget is a little more restricted, you might need to get a little creative for your entertainment. Photobooths help you do this beautifully. Photobooths have been ranked as one of the most affordable options for wedding entertainment available, so when you budget it tight and you still want to have some fun, consider a photobooth hire for your event.

Custom Theme Options

When you think of a photobooth, you often think of a simple box taking pictures. These are available and are a great option for those who have limited space in their chosen venue, but photobooths today can be themed to the venue and come with a variety of customizable themes to choose from. The actual photobooth can be disguised into a vintage camper, van, or anywhere else you can think of to help make your wedding perfect for you and your guests.


Portability is a valued thing in the wedding industry. Caterers, entertainers, and wedding planners regularly opt for the most portable options for weddings as sometimes, an outdoor event can quickly be transformed into an indoor one if the weather turns sour. A photobooth is one of the most portable entertainment options for any wedding.

Connect Guests

Sometimes, even at an intimate affair like a wedding, it can be difficult to connect guests. Guests may mingle while dancing, but actually finding a way to connect people can be a problem. However, photobooths have almost a magical ability to connect people. Taking pictures tends to open guests up a little more, so when you are trying to bring two families together, consider the amazing affects a photobooth hire can have on this activity.

Ensures There is No Downtime at the Wedding

When your guests get bored at your wedding, they might leave before the event is over and no one wants that. A lull at a wedding is one of the worst things that can happen, but amid the toasts, dancing, and cake, it is a possibility. Never let a wedding lull happen at your event. Take precautions to ensure no one ever gets bored. Not everyone is entertained by dancing and you can only eat so much of that delectable wedding food. A photo booth is an excellent way to escape the threat of downtime during your wedding event. Wedding guests can enjoy time taking pictures with one another for hours of additional fun and no threat of the infamous lull.

Have More Than Just Posed Photos

Posed photographs are expected at any wedding and rightfully so. You want plenty of composed memories to look back on, but if these are all you have, you may not remember all the fun you had at the event. Photobooths provide an easy and fun way to make memories and have more to offer guests and your memory book than just posed pictures. You will appreciate the enjoyment of looking back on these fond memories for many years to come and so with your guests.

No Age Restrictions

Some weddings are designed just for a specific age group and that is perfectly fine if that is what you want, but generally, weddings are events where people of all ages come to celebrate the union of the happy couple. Certain entertainment can be age restricted, but with a photo booth, there is no age limit. From the youngest guests to the eldest in the room, everyone can enjoy having their picture taken in a fun environment with a photobooth hire.

Even if the planning of your wedding is in full swing, it is not complete until you have enough entertainment options for everyone that will attend. Music may be essential, but in our modern world, there is so much more to offer, so why not invest in your very own photo booth hire Essex and let the party keep going long into the night with lasting memories for all.