5 Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Don’t Involve Dancing

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 21 2021

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Dancing has been a long-standing tradition in wedding celebrations, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot do away with it. Remember that entertainment does not begin or end at the edge of a dance floor.

There are numerous ways you can keep the party going in your wedding reception without having to dance at all. What’s more, you can even develop unique, more interactive activities for guests to participate in and enjoy.

So without further ado, here are fun and quirky entertainment ideas, from garden games to professional performers, that do not require you to dance.

1. Challenge Guests To Different Garden Games

Wedding receptions held outdoors are perfect for different garden activities and games. Currently, giant garden Jenga in UK weddings are famous, but your options aren’t limited to that as you can also set up croquet, golf and other lawn games.

If you’d instead opt for this kind of entertainment, it would be good to have the main event with various mini-games. In this way, guests of all age groups can participate. It would also be an excellent idea to have some background music to liven things up a bit more.

2. Capture Quirky Moments in a Photo Booth

It isn’t that rare to see couples opt for a photo booth hire for London weddings as it is a rather popular form of amusement for various occasions. According to an expert wedding planner, setting up two different photo booths instead of one would be advantageous.

Because the downside to a photo booth is the long line that comes with it, setting up more than one can eliminate the boring wait time. Additionally, you can have each styled differently, giving your guests more options for backdrops and props.

3. Impress Guests With Flair Bartending Shows

It isn’t uncommon to spot a mobile bar in wedding receptions, but there are only a few who have thought of putting together a flair bartending show. Instead of having your bartenders just pour drinks for your guests, it would be nice to have them display their bartending and juggling skills to make your celebration a bit more festive.

4. Try Your Hand and Luck in Casino Tables

Wedding games and activities are indeed a great way to encourage guest participation. But if you want to divert from the traditional garden games, setting up casino tables would be an excellent alternative.

There’s no need to promote gambling for real as you can facilitate games that would make your guests feel like a winner. Furthermore, you can have professional croupiers impart their knowledge on how card and roulette games in casinos work.

5. Spellbound Guests With a Professional Magic Show

Magicians are usually hired for birthday parties, but no rule stops you from hiring one to work their magic on your wedding day. Far from mere party tricks that entertain kids, professional magicians are experienced in performing world-class acts that will surely catch your guests off-guard.


If dancing is not your thing, there’s no reason to force yourself into incorporating it in your wedding. Keep in mind that there are numerous ways you can entertain and amuse your guests. All it takes is to think outside the box and gather the courage to deviate from the norm.

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