Wedding Day Entertainment Checklist: How to Make It Perfect

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 28 2021

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The wedding day should be one of the happiest days for the couple. For the attendees, a wedding should be an elegant event. It is a celebration of the relationship of two well-loved individuals, and of course, a great time to share good memories and food. 

Lovely couples can do what they can for their day to be as perfect as it can be. Most of them only want to remember beautiful memories from the event.

Entertainment plays a big part in achieving an unforgettable and precious wedding. This article lists down the common things that couples or wedding coordinators forget to do before the wedding—particularly regarding the entertainment. Ignoring any of these may result in embarrassing or frustrating scenarios during the ceremony. Include these on your checklist to ensure that things go smoothly at your wedding celebration. 


What You Should Not Forget | Mini-Checklist

Check the Sound Restrictions of the Venue

Before you finalise everything, make sure that you check the restrictions at the venue. Do they have a curfew? Is the venue inside a neighbourhood? Do you need to be quiet at a specific time? Do they have a complete sound system, or do you have to provide them? Make sure to know all these details so you can plan your next steps or reconsider another venue. After all, nobody wants their band or dance party to be stopped in the middle of the celebration.


Always Have a Backup Act

Your preparation should not stop once you finally booked your entertainer. You also need to have a backup plan should emergencies occur. Booking two acts for the same schedule can be costly for your end, but if you work with an experienced and reputable wedding planner with connections, they can help you secure replacement acts as soon as you need them. 


Check the Performance Area

Make sure that your selected venue has the appropriate space for your performers. If you plan to hire a band, the venue stage should accommodate the band members and their setup. If you plan to hire dancers, there should be enough dancing space in the venue. 

If you hired singers, a tiny stage would not be a problem. On the other hand, a magician might need adequate space for their props and exhibitions. More importantly, your venue should have a wide enough space for you and your partner’s first dance. 


Create a No-Play List

If you plan to hire a DJ or a live band, it would be helpful if you provide them with a no-play list. This list includes all the songs you do not want to hear on your special day. It is your day. Therefore, you have the right to say no to music that could only ruin your mood. 



Entertainment is a crucial and one of the most looked-forward events in a wedding, and no couple wishes for a lousy program during their special day. Booking an entertainer or a band might seem like the only solution to this ordeal. Sadly, that effort is not enough. If you want your wedding to be flawless, or at least close to perfect, you also need to ensure that all other aspects of wedding entertainment are taken care of. 

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