Take Your Wedding Dance Floor Styling to the Next Level!

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 20 2021

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From your first meaningful spin as newlyweds to the emotional twirls you will share with your parents, your reception area will host some of the most worth-remembering dances of your life. If you are



From your first meaningful spin as newlyweds to the emotional twirls you will share with your parents, your reception area will host some of the most worth-remembering dances of your life. If you are looking for a dance floor for hire in London, find the one just as special as your wedding celebration.

Check out these elegant yet affordable wedding dance floor ideas to impress your guests and inspire a night of dancing:

1. Tented

With an outside covering, you can preserve the warm feel of an interior gathering. On beautiful summer nights, when you can hang gorgeous tulle drapes and overhead lighting, a tented dance floor is ideal. Play around with colours and lighting to liven up a plain white tent.

2. Black and White

It's simple, yet it's oh-so-elegant. A black and white checkered dance floor with a majestic chandelier will keep things tasteful. Alternatively, if you're feeling a little more whimsical, multi colored checkerboard boxes will lend a burst of vitality to your vibrant wedding theme. These types of floors are easy to find and relatively affordable.

3. Balloon Filled

Who doesn't enjoy a suitable balloon? Balloons are symbolic of some of our earliest childhood events, and they may be a very cost-effective way to bring joy to your reception! Feel the excitement in the air among your guests, both young and young-at-heart. For a lively feel, hang strings of balloons above the band or place big armfuls directly on the dance floor.

4. Celestial Themed

Bring the magic of the night sky to your indoor wedding reception! To mimic the stars, make sure you have a sturdy dance floor and solicit the expertise of a lighting professional. Hang star-shaped fairy lights and dim other overhead lights to make your dance floor shimmer.

5. Illuminated

Because of its versatility, this wedding dance floor idea is excellent for more contemporary themes. Keep it simple and elegant with all-white lighting, or liven it up with multicoloured tiles that change. For a lively ambience that will keep your guests grooving, match the mood of your music to the floor.

6. Vintage Rug Themed

If you're having a more boho wedding, old rugs will fit right in. Renting them is inexpensive and straightforward, or you may buy them and keep them as a keepsake from your special day. Set up bonfires near the dance floor if your venue allows it to create a mysterious atmosphere for the reception.

7. Wooden

A lovely hardwood dance floor is a must-have for any country or rustic wedding theme. This floor will offer your reception a rustic, yet elegant vibe that will go wonderfully with your wedding theme. Renting wooden dance floors is straightforward, and there are a variety of wood varieties and grains to choose from.

8. Beach Themed

If your wedding reception takes place by the water (or if you wish it were), a nautical theme may be perfect! Decorate with clean white wood, seashells, and ocean tones to personalise your wedding floor. When the sun sets, light coastal-inspired lanterns to make your guests feel like they're sailing into the night.

9. Paper Décor Themed

Allow your artistic side to shine and brighten up your dance floor with DIY tassels and paper-mâché if you're seeking to get the most bang for your budget. To make the venue feel magical, hang some romantic paper lanterns in your wedding colours above the dance floor.

10. Floral

Allow a lovely floral theme to bloom on your dance floor. Incorporate the beauty of flowers into your special day without breaking the bank. You can keep it simple with projections of your favourite flower or go all out with a bouquet chandelier encircled by floral columns suspended above the dance floor.

Pick a Theme and Get Ready to Inspire Your Family and Guests!

A wedding dance floor can transform a dreary reception into a glamorous affair, so don't overlook it if you can. After all, once the celebration begins, everyone will be itching to get their dance on!

If you want to achieve your ideal ambience, work with expert party planners in London in organising your wedding. At 1 Entertainment, we pair your dance floor with the appropriate music and lights. Contact us today to book a service!