Wedding Activities to Entertain Kids

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 22 2021

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Wedding Activities to Entertain Kids

It is true that some weddings are very formal affairs and may not be the best place for children. However, the vast majority of weddings are places where families with children are welcomed, but unfor

Children become bored and can be a lot for their parents to contend with if they are not properly entertained, so many couples are thankfully including fun, kid friendly activities to the little ones along with formal entertainment. Here are some kid friendly activities you can have at your wedding to keep everyone happy.

Bouncy Castle

Yes, bouncy castles are usually intended for birthday parties and child friendly events, but why not have one at your wedding. White bouncy castle hires in Essex or anywhere else can provide you with a fun activity for the kids without taking away from the décor of the day. Bouncy castles are relatively inexpensive and when you are spending so much on a wedding already, what is the harm in spending a little more to help the kids have a little more fun. Bouncy castle hires come in a wide range of styles and types, so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Popcorn Machine

Generally speaking, a couple will hire the best caterer in town to cater their wedding. Having excellent food is often what sets a good wedding apart form simply an average one. Food choices for weddings are endless, so no matter what your favorite food it, you can find a caterer to make it for you, but when you have kids in attendance, they can be remarkably picky eaters. It is essential that you have something for kids, even the picky ones, to eat and hiring a popcorn machine hire Kent, can offer a very affordable solution. Everyone loves popcorn and hiring a popcorn machine provides just a little extra fun the kids and most of the adults, can enjoy. You can even have a specialty popcorn topping bar for even more fun.

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate is a part of a wedding. Chocolate desserts line the dessert table and every caterer knows the importance of having at least one chocolate offering available. Chocolate desserts are great, but what about a chocolate fountain? A chocolate fountain hire London is the ideal solution. Fruits, pastries, and a variety of other foods can be dipped in the chocolate fountain providing enjoyment for all. Chocolate fountains are inexpensive and easy to hire for virtually any event and they can make your dessert table even more delectable.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Trends come and trends go, but some trends simply make sense. Hot chocolate bars were all the rage a few years ago, but have since become a thing of the past. However, including them in your wedding remains a great idea, especially if you intend on having a lot of children in attendance. Having a hot chocolate bar allows kids to have a specialty drink, just like the adults, and add various toppings to make their hot chocolate exactly what they want it to be. Additionally, all you need for a hot chocolate bar is a container to hold the chocolate and keep it hot along with marshmallows, sprinkles, whipped cream, various sauces, and anything else you might like on your hot chocolate. The kids will love it.


Magicians and kids simply go together and when you are planning your wedding, hiring a magician is an option. Magicians provide hours of entertainment at weddings through stage performances and some even have an option for close up table side magic shows. A magician hire can be expensive, but by offering a variety of entertainment options, you can allow your wedding to be more enjoyable for your guests, both young and those young at heart.

A Crafts Table

Entertaining children is easy. Kids love to have something to do while the wedding party is taking place and what better way to entertain a wide range of children in virtually every age group than with a craft table. Craft tables are easy to set up and require very little materials. Paper, pencils, glue, glitter, and many other expensive items can make for a lot of fun for the little ones. You will also want to provide a certain level of direction for the craft table, so invest in a few wedding crafts for the kids to make and take home with them. Entertainment, keepsake, and craft all in one.

Weddings can be fun for everyone and when you put forth just a little effort for children to be entertained along with the adults, the wedding is sure to go a lot smoother. Parents can be happy and enjoy themselves at the party, knowing their children are happy as well and that is priceless, especially at a wedding.