6 Effective Ways to Use Beautiful Fairy Lights at Weddings

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Dec 13 2022

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Lighting matters because it can affect the mood and atmosphere of the space. Lighting can create a certain ambience, enhance the aesthetics of a room, and even influence the perception of colour, texture, and size. For this reason, lights are extensively used in events like weddings to create a unique atmosphere. Many lights can be used in a wedding, but one of the most common are fairy lights.

Fairy lights are a type of decorative string light, usually made of a thin, flexible wire with tiny LED bulbs. They often adorn walls and ceilings, giving the space a warm and inviting feeling. They can also create a romantic atmosphere due to the soft and subtle light they give off, which is perfect for weddings. However, the tricky part with fairy lights is styling them to create the desired effect. To help you with this, here are some practical tips:

#1 - Line up a Tree

If you want to create a dramatic effect, try lining up a tree with fairy lights. This works exceptionally well for outdoor weddings, as it will provide a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony. Make sure to use warm-toned lights to create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere.

Alternatively, you can also do the same for shrubs and hedges. You can even line up a tall or picket fence with fairy lights to add a dreamy touch to your outdoor wedding.

#2 - Wrap Drapes in Fairy Lights

If your wedding venue has a large, open space or a large wall, you can create a dramatic effect by wrapping drapes in fairy lights. You can hang the drapes from the ceiling or walls and wrap the fairy lights around the fabric. This will create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere and help define the space.

#3 - Fairy Lights against Foliage Decorations

Foliage decorations are a great way to add a natural and organic feel to your wedding venue. You can use fairy lights to create a beautiful backdrop for the decorations. Hang the lights from the ceiling or walls and wrap them around the foliage. This will create a soft and romantic atmosphere while highlighting the foliage decorations.

On a related note, you can also use fairy lights to create a stunning visual effect when paired with chandelier-style decorations. Hang the lights from the chandelier and wrap them around the arms of the chandelier. This will create a beautiful, sparkling effect that will add a touch of elegance to your wedding venue.

#4 - Decorate the Tables with Fairy Lights

For a simpler touch, you can decorate your tables with fairy lights. Whether using traditional tablecloths or something more unique, fairy lights can make the tables look even more stunning. You can wrap the lights around the legs of the table, hang them from the ceiling, or even have them dangle from the centrepieces. This is a good idea if you want to add a bit of sparkle to your wedding.

#5 - Place Fairy Lights in Bottles

For something unique, you can place fairy lights in bottles. Most fairy lights are small enough to fit in a bottle and look beautiful when illuminated from the inside. You can use any type of bottle, from mason jars to wine bottles, and arrange the lights in various ways. You can place the bottle in the centre or hang them from the ceiling or the tables.

#6 - Canopy Lights

Canopy lights are perfect if you want your wedding venue to have a magical atmosphere. String lights are hung from the ceiling in a canopy formation, creating a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. Canopy lights can be hung in various shapes and sizes, from stars and circles to hearts and snowflakes. The lights can be hung in any colour you wish, creating a beautiful effect when illuminated.


Fairy lights are effective for creating a magical wedding venue, but only when used correctly. Many types of fairy lights are available, so it's only a matter of setting them right. Ultimately, choosing the kind of light best suits your wedding theme matters to create the best look.

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