Ways to Bring a Little Whimsy to Your Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Apr 24 2021

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Weddings are traditionally somber events in which two people are joined together forever in a beautiful ceremony. However, sometimes weddings can become too formal and begin to take on a very boring n

Never allow your wedding to go down in history as boring by allowing a little whimsy to make it fun. Here are some wedding ideas to bring a little fun into the environment and make it memorable for all.

A Fun DJ

No matter what time of year your wedding is, there is always room for a little dancing and what better way to dance the night away than by hiring a fun DJ. DJs are not just about spinning your favorite tunes. The best ones are entertainers in their own right. DJs largely control the atmosphere at a wedding reception and DJ hire Essex is sure to bring a lot of fun and excitement to your wedding.

Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate is a very versatile ingredient and almost an essential one for weddings. Chocolate can be made into intricate designs and sculped or shaped into virtually anything. However, when you want to bring a true bit of fun to the party, try a chocolate fountain. Having a chocolate fountain hire in London wedding ceremonies is a great way to bring on the fun while keeping chocoholics happy. Chocolate fountains are easy and fun ways to bring people together and provide a small activity for them to do in order to receive their dessert.

Photo Booth Hire

Entertaining your wedding guests is essential, but hiring endless live entertainment can become expensive and a true scheduling nightmare. The key ingredient to incredible wedding entertainment is to have certain entertainment options that are automated. A photo booth hire London is an excellent way to keep the entertainment alive without having to continually monitor it. Photo booths allow guests to use props and take pictures they want. Even though a wedding photographer remains essential, photo booths provide a way to take fun photos while the photographer takes their posed shots. Photo booths are fun, affordable, and able to be placed in practically any venue with ease.

Bouncy Castle

Unless you specifically state that kids are not allowed at your wedding and enforce this rule, you will have kids in attendance. Kids need to be entertained as well and wedding food or dancing is only going to entertain them for so long. You need something that is just for kids and a bouncy house is the perfect solution. Many wedding venues have specific kid friendly play areas with options to include a bouncy castle hire in Kent. Even though it may not fit exactly with the theme or scope of your wedding, you will be thankful for the additional play place for the kids and your guests will love the ability to have something fun for their little ones to do. Trust us, it is difficult to bring kids to weddings when there is nothing kid friendly available for them to do.

Unique Wedding Venue

Anyone can have a wedding in a reception hall, church, or dedicated wedding venue space, but these avenues can sometimes be limiting on their ability to adjust to specific wedding needs. If you want to have a unique wedding that has a little whimsy attached to it, you might want to host the event in a unique wedding venue setting.

Farm weddings are very popular these days. Live animals bring a certain special quality to any wedding and the rustic environment of a barn wedding is often perfect for couples who prefer not to simply have a church wedding venue. Additionally, farm weddings offer the ability to have loud music and a true party atmosphere that is frowned upon in certain wedding venue settings. Other unique wedding settings include, zoos, theatres, rooftops, botanical gardens, national parks, and anywhere else that does not exactly fit the general wedding box.

Popcorn Machine

What is more fun than enjoying fresh popped popcorn at a fair or any event. You can bring that same enjoyment to your wedding when you invest in popcorn machine hire Kent. A popcorn machine is the ideal way to add a little whimsy to your wedding and provides an additional snack to keep the kids, and the adults happy throughout the event.

Weddings do not have to be strictly somber events and more and more couples are investing in ways to make their wedding more fun. Couples who push the envelope and think outside the box for their wedding entertainment, venue, and food are able to provide a far more memorable event to their family and friends. Everyone wants to attend a fun party, so make your wedding more fun by adding in these whimsical attributes.