The Many Ways a Marquee Can Spruce Up Your Big Day

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Nov 13 2021

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Your wedding day is one of the most important milestones in your life. It happens once in a lifetime and allows you to tie the knot and profess your love for your partner.

Before you can say "I do," though, you'll need to go through the stressful endeavour of wedding planning. Preparing for a wedding is generally a hectic affair since you'll want everything to be perfect for your big day.

Suppose you're looking for an element that can make your wedding day even more special and memorable. In that case, why not include a marquee in your celebration?


What Is a Marquee?

A marquee is a tent people use for social functions. It comes in various sizes, and can even hold a large wedding depending on your choice of marquee. 

Marquee weddings are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. They are perfect for couples who want to have an outdoor wedding but don't want to worry about inclement or extreme weather or bugs. 

Another reason for their popularity is their customisability. A marquee essentially gives soon-to-be-weds a blank canvas that they can paint as they see fit. Any wedding decorations will work with a marquee.

Are you interested? This section will provide you with some marquee wedding ideas to consider when planning your special day!


Marquee Wedding Ideas


Wedding Ceremony Venue

If you want a magical venue to share your vows in, you may want to consider holding your wedding ceremony in a marquee.

Even the plainest of marquees can become whimsical and extraordinary with a select few decorations. Fairy lights, for one, make excellent marquee lighting. They're inexpensive to purchase or rent and offer a magical luminescence to their surroundings. 

To boost your chances of getting perfect shots during the ceremony, you can use a floral arch as a wedding backdrop for the spot where you'll say your vows. Floral arches make excellent wedding decorations because they're easy to personalise. 

If you want an all-white wedding, you can ask your florist to use various white flowers. On the other hand, an array of colourful blooms are stunningly eye-catching, creating a stark contrast to the bride's wedding dress.


Reception Area

A marquee also works well for couples who wish to have their wedding receptions outdoors. The marquee helps ensure you have ample space for all of your guests and gives people the opportunity to enjoy the weather during festivities.

Moreover, a marquee wedding reception allows you to set your reception at different parts of the day, from morning to evening. You can also use various pieces of furniture that are in line with your wedding theme.

Another bonus to using a marquee for your reception is that you don't have to move for entertainment. If you choose a stable marquee flooring, you can have a dance floor in your reception area where guests can get their groove on and dance the night away.


Entertainment Corner

As previously mentioned, marquees can work as a reception area and entertainment venue for your wedding. If you wish to delegate it for mere entertainment, then that's possible, too.

Thanks to the large space that marquees tend to provide, you can fit plenty of entertainment pieces into your wedding. One excellent example would be a bouncy castle to keep children preoccupied while the adults are mingling.

Another is a bar and dancefloor combination that may cater to the taste of guests from different generations. 


Final Thoughts

The excitement of having a marquee wedding is you can tailor it to fit the image of your dream wedding. Don't be afraid to go all out with your decorations for your big day, especially if they make you and your partner happy.

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