Using Temporary Marquees To Increase Usable Space

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 29 2020

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Temporary Marquee Hire

It can be challenging for businesses and organisations to cater for large scale, one-off events. In many cases, the biggest challenge is finding a space large enough to accommodate all of the event at

This task has been made even more difficult due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, which require venues to keep occupants at a safe distance from one another.


The best solution is to take the event outdoors by installing temporary marquees. Temporary marquees make it simple to rapidly expand your business or organisation’s available space while providing plenty of room for social distancing. Temporary marquees can be used for many types of events including:

• Conferences

• Graduations

• Corporate Events

• School Events

• Exhibitions and Trade Shows

• Festivals

• Weddings, Parties, and Celebrations

• Temporary Warehousing and Storage

• Sporting Events and Hospitality

• Semi-permanent Venues


If you are interested in hiring a temporary marquee, contact 1 Entertainment today on 0207 193 8029. You can also continue reading to learn more about our marquee hire service and the advantages of using temporary marquees.


Why Temporary Marquees?
Here are just a few of the reasons why temporary marquees are useful for schools, bars, restaurants, pubs, and other businesses:


COVID-19 Compliance

The UK government has released a strict set of guidelines for how many people can attend events. There are also rules for social distancing, with the government encouraging people to stay at least 1.5 metres apart.


Temporary marquees make it easier to create a space that suits current social distancing guidelines as provided by the UK government. You can design a space to have multiple exits, wide paths for attendees to safely move about, and the correct distance between tables. It can help you provide a safe environment for your workers and event attendees.


Fast and Flexible
Marquees are highly customisable and can be setup with the door, wall, and floor configurations of your choosing. You can decide how many exits the marquee should have, where walls are necessary, where to place your stage, what type of floor to use, and much more.


Marquees can be also be installed and removed very quickly. This is particularly useful in situations where you only have a space available for a short amount of time or when you have a tight event schedule.


Ideal for Any Type Of Event

Temporary marquees are useful for schools, bars, restaurants, pubs, and businesses which host medium-to-large scale events. You can use marquees for virtually any event, from school graduations through to weddings and private parties.


Can Be Situated Virtually Anywhere

Temporary marquees can be located on any flat surface. They can be placed indoors or outdoors, on high ground or on low ground. Wherever you have space available, you can set up a marquee and dramatically increase the available space for your event.


An Affordable Option

Hiring a temporary marquee is much more affordable than hiring additional space in a building. There are less financial overheads, no property rental agreements, and you won’t be forced to pay a large bond.


1 Entertainment Temporary Marquee Hire

1 Entertainment is one of the UK’s leading entertainment and event planning companies. We have launched a marquee hire service to help our clients obtain access to affordable temporary marquees.


A variety of structures are available. They range from small marquees, which are ideal for wedding receptions and parties, through to large structures for conferences and temporary warehousing.


Our marquees can be configured to meet any requirements. Clients can request soft or solid walls, raised floors, ramps, stages, and additional access points on each marquee. This flexibility makes it simple for clients to design an environment that is suitable for their needs.


All marquees are constructed from high-quality materials and carefully maintained, ensuring they always look fantastic and remain weather proof. We employ a team of experienced professionals to set up and tear down our marquees, which helps to ensure your event venue will be ready on time, every time.


If you are interested in hiring a temporary marquee, contact 1 Entertainment today on 0207 193 8029.