Transforming Your Venue with the Use of Marquee Linings

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 26 2022

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marquee linings

Marquee venues are ideal for a variety of events, including weddings and business celebrations. However, deciding how to decorate the tent's interior might be challenging. Using marquee linings is one quick technique to change the area's appearance.

We go through what a marquee line is in this post and how it might add some excitement to your special day. We'll also go through the many lining options and how to pick the best lining for each situation.

Getting Acquainted with Marquee Linings

A marquee lining is a cloth used to "line" the walls and ceiling of a marquee. Typically constructed of flame-retardant polyester, marquee liner fabric is offered in various designs and hues.

The lining covers the whole metal frame of the marquee. While marquee roof lining hides the top poles of the structure, marquee wall linings cover the marquee's wall to conceal the "legs" of the marquee skeleton. Individual eave linings are occasionally employed to hide the seams where the roof and the eaves meet.

Why You Should Have a Marquee Lining

Marquee linings aren’t always required because the marquee can stand and work just fine without them. They do, however, provide several significant advantages.

First, the lining shields the interior of the marquee from view and conceals the unsightly structure. The metal poles might look out of place if you want to design a picture-perfect event setting. Linings provide the area with a plain backdrop while hiding the poles.

The tent may get an additional layer of warmth by adding a marquee liner. The tent's interior is lined with a marquee, which keeps it warm throughout the winter. Don't worry. You can still use heaters, candles, and other accessories to bring warmth to the room because most marquee lining materials are flame-retardant.

A liner can also aid heat absorption throughout the summer, especially with marquees that feature windows. You can take advantage of the sights outside thanks to these plastic windows, but they also let the heat from the sun inside the tent. Linings may combat this by providing a surface to deflect the heat and keep your area cool.

The Different Types of Marquee Lining

Marquee linings come in a broad range of designs and varieties. Depending on the kind of event you're hosting and the look you want, you may select either one.

Flat Lining

In essence, this is stretched cloth covering the poles visible on the marquee's roof and sides. These fabric panels are flat and have a straightforward style. 

The sheets don't detract from the other decorations you could have because of their lack of intricacy. 

Draped or Pleated Lining

These linings dramatically alter the interior of the tent. These curtains surround the building's eaves with soft, flowing fabric to give it an opulent texture and depth. Additionally, this lining style frequently permits the employment of LED fairy lights around the ceiling. Marquee wedding venues benefit greatly from draped lining since it creates a beautiful romantic vibe.

Blackout Lining

Blackout lining is made of a dark-coloured material with irregular holes drilled into it to let light pass through. This fantastic effect generates twinkling stars for you to dance under while simulating the night sky. 


Choosing the ideal marquees for your event is a matter of selecting the design you like best. Marquee linings can add significant beauty to your party or wedding.

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