Wedding Planning 101: The Top 5 Wedding Must-Haves

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 30 2022

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Getting engaged is the first step. After that, you will encounter many more steps to get to the official wedding day. When it comes to reducing stress on the big day, thorough planning cannot be stressed. 

We all know how exciting and scary it is to plan a wedding. Because it is such a big event, you want this day to be perfect, and to live on in your memories for the rest of your life (hopefully). Thankfully, you can simplify the process and calm your nerves. 

Read on to discover the top five wedding must-haves for your big day.

The Event Organiser and Coordinator

The countless wedding preparations are sure to generate a great deal of stress for many of you. Consider using a professional wedding planner. They can make the wedding planning process less stressful for you.

A wedding planner will go through every detail of the big day with the couple, present various planning options, and handle the logistics. They will ensure that everything runs properly on your wedding day, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself. Indeed, an organiser and a coordinator offer valuable service.

The Location of Your Dreams

Choose a location that fits the scenic vibe or theme that you want. As such, keep the details in mind and make sure the location is accessible to your guests. For this, make your arrangements as soon as possible to avoid conflicting schedules.

If you have overnight guests, a site with lodging may be the most convenient option. Remember, it is more convenient for guests to attend a wedding where both the ceremony and reception are held at the same location. This will lift a burden off your guests' shoulders and allow them to spend more valuable time celebrating with you as newlyweds.

The One-of-a-Kind Decorations

Your wedding should be a representation of who you are as a couple. Thus, your wedding decorations must be unique, memorable, and thoughtfully characterised. 

Consider the various ways you may create the ideal mood. Colour schemes, table decorations, flower arrangements, and lighting all have an impact on both the ceremony and reception. Use a theme in your decorating.

The Scrumptious Food

Create a food plan that not only matches your overall concept but also accommodates a variety of preferences. Make sure it has a pleasing flavour and isn't merely Instagram-worthy. Consider whether your organisation requires on-site or off-site food service and make your decision appropriately.

Thankfully today, there are more delectable wedding meal options by caterers and chefs. Simply find a professional who is creative and can provide exceptional food for all your guests.

The Music and Entertainment

Regardless of whether you are going for a traditional wedding or a celebration with an off-beat vibe, make sure you keep your guests entertained. After all, a wedding may take an entire day; thus, injecting fun in this grand party is vital.

With that being said, you can hire professional performers to hit the stage in between speeches, food courses, and other reception activities. With the help of a quartet, an acoustic guitarist, or a traditional wedding singer, you can keep your guests entertained throughout the wedding day. Meanwhile, for your after-party, you can also hire a DJ and an open bar to encourage your guests to let loose and make the most out of the night.


Now that you have the top must-haves for every wedding, you can tweak a few things to your liking or keep things simple and relaxed. Simply make sure the day is enjoyable for you and your guests–this is the most important thing. With a beautiful location, unique decorations, yummy food, great music, and an open bar, you’ll be sure to call it a wedding celebration to remember. 

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