Top 5 Wedding Games To Wow and Entertain Your Guests

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Oct 19 2021

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Witnessing so many friends and relatives gathering under one roof is one of the best parts of weddings. A wedding is not only a time to celebrate your new journey, but it's also a great time to let loose with those you care about after months of tedious wedding preparations. 

Wedding games of various types enliven the evening by introducing youthful fun to the occasion and helping the guests engage, socialise and form new connections.

Wedding reception activities encourage guests of all ages to get up and dance, take pictures, and have plain clean fun. When arranging the perfect love-filled wedding day, keep this list of wedding game ideas in mind.


1. The Famous Shoe Game

In this game, the wedding couple sits back to back and hold their shoes in one hand with their partner's shoes in the other. The game host will ask a series of questions, like "Who is the better cook?" and other funny personal questions. 

The pair will have to cast their vote by raising a shoe without knowing what the other person has picked. This game usually gets a lot of laughter and is pleasurable for both the visitors and the couple.


2. I Spy!

Make an I Spy list of things for visitors to photograph, such as someone tearing up at the aisle, an old couple dancing, the bride smiling, and so on. Guests will enjoy capturing the important moments, and you will get photographs of moments you might otherwise have missed — a win-win situation!


3. Go Crazy With Lego

Everyone loves Lego, and there are even adult-sized kits available. This game concept works best when there will be youngsters at your wedding. Invite your guests to create their one-of-a-kind Lego centrepiece and choose a judge to reveal the winner at the end of the night.


4. Jenga

The traditional block-stacking game Jenga is ideal for outdoor wedding celebrations since it requires a level surface, such as a table. Jenga is also available in gigantic sizes, which are ideal for grassy spaces. 


5. Buzz Wire

Buzz wire games are always a massive success at gatherings. You'll notice people drawing in the activity as it brings out the competitive spirit in guests. 

You'll bring out concentration levels in guests they didn't know they had as they try to go from one end of the wire to the other without hearing the dreaded buzzer sound. The player who reaches the end of the buzz wire in the quickest time of the day is declared the winner.


Final Thoughts

If your wedding will be family/kid-friendly, it's an excellent idea to include some fun activities for kids. Otherwise, they would become bored, which will lead to mischief and maybe impede the wedding flow. Set up a kid's table or specific area where they can play enjoyable activities like colouring, playing with Lego, or even gigantic tic-tac-toes.

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