Keep the Party Going: Tips for Keeping the Dance Floor Packed

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 20 2023

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A wedding is a sacred celebration of love and unity, but it's also a chance for the bride and groom to just let their hair down and have some fun! Among the best ways to get the party started is by having a packed dance floor. 

Here are several tips to help you ensure that your guests are dancing the night away:

1. Choose the Right Music

Choosing the right music is essential to ensuring your guests dance the night away. Music is the backbone of any event and can make or break the atmosphere. To ensure that your guests are dancing, you should choose upbeat music with a fast tempo. Your guests should want to get up and dance when they hear the music.

It is crucial to consider the musical tastes of your guests when selecting music for the night. Try to find just the right balance between the music you and your guests enjoy. You want to play music that will get people on their feet but also something that everyone will enjoy. Variety is key!

You should also pay attention to how loud the music is. Too loud of music can be overwhelming 
and make it hard for your guests to move around and dance. You want to find a volume that is loud enough to fill the room with energy but not so loud that it overwhelms your guests.

2. Start Dancing Early

Starting the dance floor early is one of the best ways to ensure your guests are having an awesome time and dancing the night away. If you start the dancing early, your guests will be more likely to join in.

You can start the party with some fun group dances. These types of dances are easy to follow, and everyone can join in. You can also have a DJ or band play upbeat music that will encourage your guests to get out on the dance floor. This will surely help set the tone for the rest of the night and get people in the mood to keep on dancing. 

Don't forget to have a few party props, such as glow sticks or beach balls, on hand to make the dancing even more fun.

3. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

People are more likely to dance in an environment that feels welcoming and inviting. Consider using lighting to create a warm and romantic ambiance. Set up a bar or drinks station close to the dance floor to keep guests hydrated and refreshed. You can also consider hiring a dance floor for hire in London to create a defined space for dancing.

4. Get Creative with Seating

It'sIt's important to provide seating for your guests, but don't make it too comfortable! Use a mix of chairs and benches to encourage guests to get up and dance. 
Consider placing seating away from the dance floor to make it less tempting for guests to sit down. You can also use marquee dance floors to create a separate area for dancing.

5. Plan for Surprises

If you want to ensure your friends and family are dancing the night away, planning for a few surprises is undoubtedly a great way to ensure everyone is having a good time. As the host, you can add unexpected fun elements that will keep your guests engaged and having fun.

For example, you could plan a dance-off where the winner receives a prize or set up a photo booth with fun props for your guests to take fun pictures. You could also surprise your guests with a special performance, like a dance routine or a live band. Surprises can help keep your guests engaged, and they will create an even more memorable event.

With the right planning and surprises, you can make sure your guests have a night they'll remember.

6. Serve Late-Night Snacks

After hours of dancing, guests are likely to get hungry. Serving late-night snacks such as pizza, sliders, or even popcorn can keep guests energised and on the dance floor. Consider setting up a snack station near the dance floor to keep guests close and dancing.

7. Keep the Energy High

As the night goes on, it's important to keep the energy and excitement levels high. The DJ or band should be able to read the crowd and tweak the music accordingly. Encourage guests to join in with sing-alongs and shout-outs. You can also use concert props like glow sticks, hats, or sunglasses to keep the party going.


A packed dance floor is indeed a sign of an amazing party, and with these tips, you can ensure your wedding reception is one to remember. Remember to choose the right music, start dancing early, create a welcoming atmosphere, get creative with seating, plan for surprises, serve late-night snacks, and keep the energy high. Whether you're hiring a dance floor for hire in London or using marquee dance floors, these tips will guarantee a night of dancing and celebration you and your guests will not forget.

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