Top Tips to Getting a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 14 2021

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When planning events, it’s recommended to have different activities available for the organisers and attendees to have fun and make memories

When planning events, it’s recommended to have different activities available for the organisers and attendees to have fun and make memories. A wedding is quite similar in that regard, as you want some souvenirs to remember the day by. 

Pictures are a great way to commemorate the party that comes after the ceremony. Photo booths can be rather nostalgic of the old times where everyone had to squeeze into the frame and make a wacky face. They’re a great addition to the venue as you have friends and family over who would be dying to take a few hundred photographs together.

So, how exactly can you prepare for getting a photo booth? Keep on reading to pick up some tips.


Hire a Photo Booth Service

The wedding day is likely to be stressful enough for both the bride and the groom. Greeting everybody, keeping up appearances, and taking care of every minuscule detail— it all leaves little to no time in creating or managing your own DIY photo booth. 

Consider hiring a photo booth service to ease your worries instead. They’ll be in charge of equipment, supplies, props, setups and tidying up at the end of the night. That way, you can focus on enjoying the day with one less thing to worry about and properly celebrating your marriage.


Discuss Time and Schedule

Once you’ve chosen a service to handle the photo booth for your wedding, don’t forget to coordinate on the time and schedule. Ensure that they’re available on the date of your wedding and how much they’re charging. Some services set their prices by the hour, while others will account for the whole night. Remember to be wary of cheap fees that are too good to be true!


Prepare a Theme 

Aside from black bowties and white veils, you may be interested in having other props and backdrops for your photo booth. If both of you are fans of a certain franchise or series, maybe you could put in a quirky request of what you want. Having a few lightsabers thrown in the mix wouldn’t exactly hurt anyone.


Check the Inclusions

Coordinate with the photo booth services about the inclusions and packages they are offering. It’s best to get information if you’ll be getting high-quality images via devices like the Magic Selfie Mirror and how their prints work. Some services will only offer one-time prints, but others may offer duplicates and even guest books as a keepsake. 


Get a Space Ready for the Booth

The photo booth can take up quite a bit of space, so try to plan in advance about where you’re hoping to squeeze this section at the wedding venue. Following this tip can help save you a lot of trouble and last-minute changes that can cause you to panic. Have a socket ready for any photo-capturing devices that may need charging halfway through the night.


Free Up a Moment to Take a Photo

Most couples tend to rent out a photo booth without ever really being able to use it as they jump from table to table. However, take some time to pose and just have fun with the props yourselves. Making memories should be especially important for the newlyweds more so than the guests. It is their special day, after all!



Following these tips should be able to bag you a wonderful photo booth and a flurry of printed images of all your loved ones who came to celebrate the special day with you. It’ll be stress-free with professionals troubleshooting and manning the station, so you can enjoy as many toasts to your union as you want.

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