Tips on How to Budget for Your Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on May 05 2021

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Wedding Budget

Where to Spend More and What Can be Cut from Your Wedding Budget

A wedding is not an inexpensive party by any means. The average cost of a wedding in the UK is around £30,000 which is a staggering figure for those who have never had a wedding ceremony before. Even thought that number can seem daunting, it is certainly not unreasonable considering it includes the venue, food, decorations, attire, and many other attributes of the ceremony. When it comes time to plan your own wedding, a little inside information can help you out. There are areas where you should spend money and other areas where you can find more budget friendly options. Here are our best tips on how to budget for your wedding.

Make a Priorities List

The first thing you and your partner should do before even beginning to plan your wedding, is to make a priorities list. This list should include items you refuse to compromise on along with those that can offer a bit of wiggle room. Aspects like, venue, food, guest list, how formal you want the ceremony should be represented in your priorities list. Everyone has their ideal wedding in mind and be sure to voice your concerns, must haves, and attributes you are not too concerned about before planning takes place. Do this with your partner and ensure that all priorities are contended with. It is a special day for both of you and both need to be able to have their wedding dreams become reality.

Do Not Scrimp on Food

One of the most important attributes of your wedding reception is the food. You will be feeding everyone and among the largest contentions guests complain about at a wedding is the lack of good food. This is one area you will want to ensure is perfect. Investing money in a high quality catering company will only improve your chances of having a memorable wedding. Where you and your new bride or groom may not even be worried about the food, your guests will. Remember, they are taking time out of their often busy schedule to attend your wedding, so do them the honor of ensuring properly prepared excellent food at the reception. If you are looking to save a little money for this part of the wedding, consider a buffet style service. It is more inexpensive then place settings and allows for more of a free flow dining event.


Apart from the food, your guests will likely remember the entertainment at your wedding. Of course, you will want to have music and an Essex DJ hire can offer your guests the chance to dance the night away. DJs offer plenty of music choices and they also come with their own equipment, so the need for a huge stage is not essential. You can also opt for a live band, but sometimes, this can be an area you can reduce from the overall wedding budget by simply hiring a DJ.

Once you have your music choice established, you will want to have some other entertainment as well. Among the more inexpensive options that is growing in popularity these days is a bouncy castle hire Surrey. Bouncy castles allow kids to have entertainment while the parents enjoy the festivities. Other options for entertainment can include a magician, whether a stage performer or table side, and even garden games if the venue allows for such festivities.

Opt Out of Saturday Weddings

When booking your wedding venue, you can save money depending on what day of the week you choose to book. The wedding industry mimics the travel industry in many ways and one way is weekend booking dates. The weekend, especially Saturday tends to be the most expensive time to book any wedding If possible, choose a day during the week to have your wedding. It will save you a lot of money on the venue and you will have a larger choice of dates to choose from. Do not worry, the guests you want to be there will work the date around their schedule, so you should not have any trouble having everyone you want at your wedding.

Greenery Vs. Flowers

Decorating for a wedding can be a very expensive endeavor, but if done correctly, you can have a beautiful wedding decorated on a budget. One of the biggest money saving trends these days is skipping out on flowers entirely. Opting for greenery instead of fresh flowers will give far more options to choose from and you will not have to worry about the delicate nature of fresh flowers. Consider this option if you are trying to save a little money for the reception and ceremony.

Your wedding can be a beautiful party and thankfully, with these helpful tips, it does not have to break the bank. Remember, there are certain aspects of your wedding that are worth investing in, but there are some areas where you can save a little money. Have the wedding of your dreams while keeping guests happy and staying on budget.