Planning a Red Carpet Style Party? Here Are Hosting Tips!

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 07 2022

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Rolling out the red carpet is one fun way to inject fancy into your next family affair, gala dinner with friends or Christmas party. Of course, putting together an event like that will require far more than just literally rolling out a carpet in a lovely blush or rouge.

Read on for some key tips for hosting a red carpet party that will be unforgettable and nothing less than amazing!

Host A Red Carpet Style Party By Rolling Out the Red Carpet

This obviously goes without saying, but it's well worth going into detail about here.

Decorate the red carpet that runs from the door to the main theatre, maybe making it wide enough for people to mingle when they arrive. Consider Hollywood searchlights or something like it or gobos for extra-dazzling elements!

Host A Red Carpet Style Party By Calling "Paparazzi" and "Actors"

If you have a photographer set to arrive with the guests, you’ll probably want to give them ample time to prepare by setting their arrival time early. Prepare them with some specific tips, like having them look the part and get a lot of fun shots of them on the red carpet. While they are taking pictures, ask them to heckle a few guests (just like real paparazzi) and maybe even a few celebrities.

If you’ll be recording the event, another great idea is to have the photographer shoot some interview footage with guests as they arrive.

Host A Red Carpet Style Party By Having A Media Wall

Adding a photo booth is always good, but it can also work as part of the theme of an event. For example, popular shows or movies often have themed photobooths, where guests can take pictures with props that are related to the theme of the show or movie. This increases opportunities for guests to take photos with their favourite characters from the show or movie.

Host A Red Carpet Style Party By Having Great Music

Music is an anchor for the party. Have a DJ or live band start the party as soon as guests arrive, and keep the music going throughout the party, playing different types of music.

Host A Red Carpet Style Party By Making Sure the Venue Is Exclusive To You

Make the event special for the attendees by putting them in a venue where no one else is allowed to enter. This way, they know they will have the space to themselves. Select an occasion that is exclusive, so that you can gather a small group of people together. 

One way to do this is to send out an email only to the people you want to attend or make it a special invitation-only event. Be sure that you have a security guard or bouncer at the door to enforce your rules and make sure no one else can enter.


Having a themed party is always fun, especially when it's red carpet style. Rolling out the red carpet is always the key to a great time! Tips on hosting a red carpet style party include having great music, making sure the venue is exclusive and having a media wall.

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