Expert Tips for Hosting an Unforgettable Marquee Wedding with 1 Entertainment

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 21 2023

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An idyllic marquee wedding offers the perfect opportunity to create a unique, personalised, and enchanting atmosphere that truly reflects your love story. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and with the freedom to design a wedding that captures your individual style and preferences, it's no wonder that more couples are opting for elegant outdoor marquee celebrations. Hosting a marquee wedding, however, also presents a set of unique challenges, requiring careful planning, coordination, and creative vision to ensure a truly unforgettable experience.

As the UK's Number 1 Entertainment Company, 1 Entertainment offers a comprehensive range of services designed to help you create the marquee wedding of your dreams. Their team of expert wedding planners, creative minds, and skilled event staff will ensure a seamless, efficient and thoroughly enjoyable planning process, allowing you to focus on savouring the magic of your special day. From selecting the perfect marquee and coordinating logistics to incorporating creative ideas and engaging entertainment, 1 Entertainment's dedication to excellence guarantees an exceptional marquee wedding experience.

In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of hosting a marquee wedding, discuss the key considerations when selecting and planning your perfect marquee event, and highlight creative ideas to transform your outdoor celebration into an enchanting and engaging occasion. Furthermore, we'll showcase how 1 Entertainment's comprehensive marquee wedding services can ensure a seamless, well-coordinated and memorable event, allowing you to relax and enjoy every precious moment of your special day. Trust in the expertise and exceptional services of 1 Entertainment to make your marquee wedding a truly magical and unforgettable experience.

Benefits of Hosting a Marquee Wedding

Marquee weddings have gained immense popularity for their unique charm and the endless possibilities they present. Hosting a marquee wedding provides numerous advantages, such as:

  • Unique and personalised wedding atmosphere: Unlike traditional venues, marquees allow you to create a fully customised and exclusive wedding atmosphere, tailoring every detail to reflect your individual style and vision.
  • Freedom to choose the ideal location: Marquees can be set up practically anywhere, allowing you to select the perfect backdrop for your wedding, be it a beautiful countryside estate, a coastal setting, or even your own garden.
  • Flexibility in décor, layout, and style: Marquee weddings provide a blank canvas for your creativity, offering the freedom to design your preferred layout, choose your desired décor and lighting, and create a bespoke ambience that is uniquely yours.

Selecting the Right Marquee for Your Wedding

Careful consideration of various factors is essential when choosing the perfect marquee to complement your wedding celebration:

  • Evaluating size, style, and capacity: Assess your guest count and required facilities to determine an appropriate marquee size. Explore different marquee styles such as clearspan, traditional pole, or stretch tents to select one that fits your desired look and functionality.
  • Considering the venue, landscape, and access: Choose a marquee that aligns with your chosen venue's landscape and accessibility requirements. Consider factors such as ground surface, access for suppliers, and proximity to important amenities like catering facilities and restrooms.
  • Weather considerations and contingency plans: Select a marquee capable of withstanding various weather conditions, ensuring maximum comfort and security for your guests. Plan for contingencies, including heating or cooling elements, sheltered entrance points, and adaptable flooring.

Expert Marquee Wedding Planning and Coordination Tips

Successfully planning a marquee wedding requires strategic organisation and expert coordination. Here are some essential tips for achieving a flawless celebration:

  • Collaborating with 1 Entertainment's professional wedding planners: Engage the expertise of 1 Entertainment's professional wedding planners to bring your marquee wedding vision to life. Their wealth of experience will ensure a seamless journey from conceptualisation to execution.
  • Planning and organising the marquee layout: Work closely with your marquee supplier and wedding planner to create a functional, welcoming layout that accommodates your guests, catering requirements, dancefloor, and other elements.
  • Effective communication with suppliers and vendors: Maintain clear and proactive communication with all suppliers and vendors involved in your marquee wedding. Confirm their arrival and set-up times, access points, and responsibilities to ensure smooth and timely execution.

Creative Ideas to Enhance Your Marquee Wedding

Transform your marquee wedding into a truly unforgettable event by incorporating creative and personalised elements:

  • Themed weddings and unique styling concepts: Choose a captivating theme or styling concept that reflects your personalities and love story. From vintage glamour to rustic romance, a well-executed theme will enchant and delight your guests.
  • Lighting and decoration ideas to transform your marquee: Utilise innovative lighting and decoration ideas to create a dazzling ambience within your marquee. Fairy lights, chandeliers, and soft draping can transform your venue into a magical haven.
  • Extra entertainment elements to engage guests: Provide additional entertainment options to keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the day. Consider live musicians, performance artists, or fun activities such as lawn games or a photo booth.

Seamless Integration of 1 Entertainment Marquee Wedding Services

1 Entertainment offers a comprehensive range of marquee wedding services, providing a streamlined, stress-free experience:

  • Complementary services such as DJ, dancefloor and bar hire: Combine various 1 Entertainment services such as DJ performances, dancefloor setups, and bar hire to create a cohesive and engaging wedding experience for your guests.
  • One-stop solution for event management and planning: Trust in 1 Entertainment's exceptional event management capabilities, orchestrating all elements of your marquee wedding for a seamless and memorable celebration.
  • Uncompromised efficiency and professionalism: Rely on the expertise and professionalism of 1 Entertainment's team, confident that every aspect of your marquee wedding will be executed to the highest standards.


A marquee wedding provides an incredible opportunity to create an enchanting and personalised event that reflects your unique love story. With careful planning, creative ideas, and the support of 1 Entertainment's expert services, you can ensure a truly unforgettable marquee celebration that will be cherished for years. 

Trust in the expertise and exceptional services of 1 Entertainment to bring your dream marquee wedding to life, providing a seamless, well-coordinated, and memorable experience for both you and your guests. Embrace the magic of a marquee wedding in Kent and create a day that is uniquely yours with the support of the UK's Number 1 Entertainment Company.