Here Are Practical Tips for Booking Wedding Entertainment!

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jan 18 2022

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Choosing and booking the right entertainers can be an intimidating task. This is especially so when it comes to major events like birthdays, milestones and your wedding! There are any number of entertainers that can be selected for this event, depending largely on what you and your spouse are into.


Ideal Wedding Entertainment

Beyond the customary wedding singer for the church or ceremony, there's also the matter of entertainment all the way to the reception. Consider the likes of:

  • Bands
  • Dancers
  • DJs (easily the most ideal choice given their versatility)
  • Circus acts
  • Magicians
  • Singers

It's important to hire a professional that you can have upfront conversations with. Set expectations during the initial inquiry process before any contracts are signed or anything is finalized. That way, the outfits, setlist and everything else will have no surprises that could clash with your theme or lead to other stress during the event itself.



As previously mentioned, hiring a wedding DJ is the best choice to make. It takes away the need for fussing about making sure the songs you love will be learned (because the DJ can just play them instead) and you will have someone that can handle any concerns that may come up in real-time.

Professional ones will be happy to work with you for an initial setlist that includes:

  • Songs during the reception before the couple's entrance
  • Songs during the reception for the couple's entrance
  • The song for the first dance
  • The song for walking down the aisle

And that's just to name a few! Having a wedding DJ with experience in playing at weddings is important so they know what kinds of things will appeal to your guests. The DJ should be able to recommend a wide selection of genres. They should also be able to fill all points of the day: dance floor fillers, the drinks reception and so much more.

Make sure to explore sample setlists so that you can get a proper feel of their playing style and genres. Aside from telling them what songs should not be missed out on, be sure to point out what you absolutely do not want to be played at any point!


Take Performance Experience Into Consideration

When it comes to entertainment, it's important to pick out professionals who have already worked weddings. This helps in terms of their style and understanding of wardrobe requirements, music choices, approaching "mix and mingle" entertainment, especially if the wedding guest demographic ranges from children to grandchildren and so much more.

You're going to want to understand just how the entertainer you hire interacts with audiences, what their style is like and just what they can do. Ask about recent video showreels and watch them all to get a clear picture.



Weddings are a huge affair and, understandably, every aspect has to be impeccable. Entertainment plays a key role in all of it, from the ceremony all the way to the reception. Professional DJs are the ideal choice to make for this because they bring many advantages.

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