Three Expert Tips on How to Ensure the Success of Your Party

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 02 2022

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If you are considering hosting an event, be prepared for stress. From dealing with suppliers to managing the guest list, a lot can go wrong. However, if you are willing to tackle this challenge, hosting an event can be a lot of fun. Please remember to take deep breaths and stay organised.

Organising a party can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite a lot of work. If you rent a party tent, you have many add-on options to ensure your party is a success. Extra rental options make games and group activities easy to get through.

If this already feels overwhelming, do not fret. We have tapped into the expertise of experienced party planners in London. They are giving you expert advice on how to organise the event.

Stage Rentals

Seasoned party planners encourage people to take advantage of stage rentals. They know renting a stage can take your event to the next level. Not only does it provide a raised platform for your guests of honour, but it also helps to create a more festive atmosphere. Plus, it adds an extra flair to your event.

A stage rental is a great way to ensure everyone at your event can see and hear you. With a stage, you can quickly draw attention and stand above the crowd. This way, people can easily focus on you and see any visual presentations. For example, crowd members can easily see the numbers you hold up and call if you play a bingo game.

Farm Tables

Farm tables are another helpful trick for party planners. Farm tables are a great way to keep party games and activities organised. Large, long tables are often available when you rent party tents. 

A long farm table allows people to sit and socialise. Most importantly, your guests will have more space to their left and right than at a circular table. A farm table can make a great addition to any party, providing extra seating and a place to display prizes or other party games. You can rent a farm table and chairs to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Lighting Systems

We all know that feeling. You are at a party, the music is pumping, and you are ready to dance the night away. But then you look around and realise the lighting is terrible. It is either too bright, too dark, or just plain dull.

That is why lighting systems are essential for any good party. With the proper lighting, you can create the perfect atmosphere to get everyone in the mood to have a great time. For example, if you want to create a more intimate atmosphere, you can use softer, dimmer lighting. Or, if you want to get everyone moving and grooving, you can go for something more vibrant and energising. 

No matter what party you are throwing, the proper lighting can make all the difference. So if you are planning your next big bash, consider your lighting system. It might just be the key to making it a night to remember!


If you are looking to host a successful party, you should keep a few things in mind. First, make sure you have a good guest list. Secondly, have a variety of food and drinks available, and make sure everything is well-stocked. Finally, do not forget the tips shared by the party planners in this blog.

If you are still overwhelmed by your responsibilities as a host, you can ask 1Entertainment to help you. As one of the leading party planners in London, we can guarantee the success of your party without you feeling too exhausted to enjoy the event. So contact us now to book your occasion!