Quick Tips for Choosing Chill Out Furniture in Your Marquee

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 26 2022

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When you're planning your marquee wedding, you need to factor in not only dining and dancing space but also chill-out areas for your guests. These areas can be not only practical but also a great way to define different areas and add visual interest to the space. This blog post will showcase different styles and themes to spark inspiration!

Quick Tips for Choosing Chill Out Furniture in Your Marquee

1 - Consider Country Style Chill Out Furniture

This rustic-chic style of furniture is ideal for creating an air of relaxation. The colours of rustic country-style furniture are generally soft hues of orange, gold, red, olive green and beige. The other colours used in this style are traditionally white and blue, which coordinate beautifully with the soft colours of the furniture.

2 - Choose a Modern Chill Out Furniture Style

This is a subtle but playful look that will provide your guests with a relaxed and casual place to chill, disconnect and just chill. It's all about the accessories, so think about how you can add vibrant colour to your modern chill and discuss your options with your wedding planner.

3 - Add a Pop of Colour

This vibrant style of decor is beautiful for creating a gorgeous statement within your marquee. This type of chill-out furniture is all about the bold, vibrant colours of the upholstery and how you can use their work with your wedding flowers, bridal and bridesmaid dresses and other details.

4 - Choose an Outdoor Garden Theme

There are many different styles of garden furniture that you can use for your chill-out, but you will need to swap the cushions over the colder months. As you may be having the wedding season, you may be able to get away with having this theme outside.

5 - Look for Reception Furniture

This is an ideal way to create a cool, laid-back vibe in your reception marquee space. The sort of furniture you need for this is a mix of both lounge and dining chairs, but you may also want to consider sofas and ottomans.

6 - Think About What You Want

When choosing your chill-out furniture, the main thing to consider is what the furniture means to you. This can help you to decide on a theme and colour scheme and to help you to decide on whether you want to use your upholstery at the time of the wedding or leave it for when it's not in use.

7 - Add Height to Your Furniture Style

If you're having a wedding in the evening, then this is ideal. Tall, comfy cushions will provide your guests with a place to sit while they socialise.


When you're planning your marquee wedding, don't forget to think about the chill-out furniture and accessories you may want to use. From country style to modern and vibrant colours, there are many different styles and themes you can choose from. The most important thing is to decide what fits in with the overall look and feel of your wedding and venue.

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