5 Factors to Consider in Throwing the Best Christening Party

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 20 2022

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A christening party is a celebration after a baptism. It is where all the guests gather around, socialise with each other, and even celebrate through a feast. Unlike other events, christening parties strike a balance between adults and kids as both parties should enjoy it. However, what factors should party planners consider in throwing the best christening party? Here are some ideas.

1. Venue

The venue is where the guests conduct the christening party. It is also where the guests, consisting of family and friends, are expected to meet and socialise. A venue can be a house, private or public place, school, hotel, bar or restaurant. When choosing a platform, party planners should select a location that is accessible and convenient for the guests.

Another consideration should include the venue's parking space. Most of the time, guests attend parties bringing their cars. Therefore, it's best for the parking spot to be close or within the vicinity to prevent guests from walking too far to get to the venue. It also helps if the platform is easy to spot and along the road for more convenience.

2. Food

Food is the most critical aspect of any party. It's the main reason why guests attend the party. However, hosts should also consider the quality and taste apart from serving food. Choosing the right food menu is very important.

The next important thing is the food presentation. It is good to have a professional caterer for exceptional food presentations. Another thing that hosts can do is choose finger food as it is easier to eat as guests are expected to have a good time.

3. Decorations

Decorations are meant to make the venue look attractive and stand out. Of course, providing decorations is not enough. Hosts should choose the right decorations that are very attractive. For a christening party, a wreath or an anchor can be hung as a symbol of a christening. It also adds a theme to the party.

Another thing is the table centrepieces. These are small decorations put on the party table. They can be a flower vase, candles, or even a small cake. Small things like these turn ordinary party tables into something memorable.

4. Entertainment

After food and decorations, entertainment is one of the most critical aspects of the party. It is where guests enjoy themselves after the meal. Or, they can even enjoy the party while they are eating. It is where they can play games, listen to music or watch a video presentation.

There are three types of entertainment at a christening party. It can be a long-running activity, short-running activity, or both. It is where party planners can decide what is best to make the guests happy and comfortable.

5. Party Favors

Party favours are small gifts given to guests. It is usually a token of appreciation or thanks for their attendance. It is optional, but many people consider it something nice. Some christening parties choose a figurine as a party favour. Meanwhile, others give out valuable items people can either display or use in their daily lives. For example, christening parties use personalised candles as party favours.


Christening parties are different from other events. The primary purpose is to celebrate the blessed gift of a newborn baby. Therefore, the party should be something spiritual and uplifting. Hosts can also choose to use religious elements and symbols to add a feeling of spirituality to the party.

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