Events 101: 3 Things You Need for Your Child’s Christening

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jan 10 2022

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A christening is a must in a Christian household as they welcome a baby into the church's congregation. Prayers are usually said for the child and their sponsors. This type of service includes a baptismal blessing, in which the baby is marked, or water is poured into the baby's head. This is when the parents and godparents promise that the child will be raised in the Christian faith.

Christenings are special occasions designed to celebrate a new life to the family and welcome a child into the world. Organising this event can be stressful and time-consuming, especially if you still care for a newborn. Nevertheless, you will realise that it was all worthwhile in the end.

Here are three things you need to consider in planning your child’s christening:


1. You Have to Plan with the Church

In the UK, christenings are typically held after the Sunday service, but this does not apply to all churches. If you have a special connection to your church, you can request a special service arrangement. 

The church will arrange the majority of the service, but you may make some decisions about your service. For example, you can choose which hymns and readings to include. You may also make specific requests or logistical arrangements for your guests.


2. You Need to Choose Your Venue and Decor

A reception party customarily follows every christening. This is done so that your family and friends can join you and your child in celebrating. One of the factors to consider when selecting a venue is its location and distance from the church. As a start, it should not be too far away and should be large enough to accommodate all your guests.

Besides the venue’s proximity to the church, check first to see what seating, tables, and PA systems are currently available in the venue before making a reservation. If your platform does not provide these services, you may have to bring your own or find another location.

Some venues provide decorations, but you must provide your own if this is not the case. You can have a simple arrangement of flowers and balloons, banners, or you can go to flower wall hire. Generally, flowers look best on tables where the family will be seated.


3. You Need to Prepare Entertainment for the Party

Most parents prioritise picture taking and catering services to complete the event’s logistics. However, these aren’t the only variables you need to consider when staging any special occasion.

Music is essential at parties, whether it’s a wedding reception or a christening. Your choice of music can be simple and accessible for entertainment on this occasion. Other than music, you can also hire a clown or magician to provide children's entertainment. This makes your event a fun occasion for all ages.



When planning an event, there are numerous factors to consider. However, with the help of those around you, things can be made lighter. With the help of your friends and family, the workload may not be as heavy as you believe. As you look back at the photos from the day, you'll realise it was all worth it.

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