Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Videographer in the UK

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 29 2021

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Wedding Videographer

Are you looking to hire a professional wedding videographer?

Read our guide to find the best wedding videography services in the UK.

There is no better way to capture the breath-taking moments during the wedding event than photography and videography.

While you will be busy taking the eternal vows of marriage, there will be a lot of fun and beautiful things all around. You will never know how gorgeous you were looking while walking on the aisle, exchanging the rings, or during the wedding kiss.

The best way to get the recap of all of these and much more is to watch the wedding videos after the celebrations are over. It is also the sure-shot trick to immortalize all the memories of the event of a lifetime behind the lenses forever.

A professional videographer specializing in wedding videography does all of it with the touch of perfection.

How to Find the Best Wedding Videographer

We all want only the best professional to handle the job of videography for the big fat wedding event. Here are some tips to help you find the top choices for Surrey wedding videography services.

Find as many references as you can

The best way to judge someone’s quality of services is through his/her past work. You can ask for references from friends, colleagues, or neighbours who got married recently. See their wedding film if possible. I guess, most people are happy to show their wedding films or refer their videographer.

Trust videographers who have some recommendations

If you have not found some suitable references, you may also do some online search to find a wedding videographer in your local area. A good way to find out their work quality is through past client recommendations. If previous clients have liked their quality of work, they are surely going to recommend the person.

Check portfolios of past works

At times, you can’t find a friend who got married recently in your local area. Check his/her portfolio of work done to date. This is one of the best ways to analyse the quality of work of the videographer. Most people publish a portfolio of projects on their website as a sample reference for new clients.

Get the quotes

This is one of the determinant factors. Everyone has a budget so do you. Once you have selected a few videographers, get in touch to receive a quote. You may gather quotes for various services, style of videography, etc. You may also check if they are offering any packages.

Videographer, photographer, or both?

Are you fond of dreamlike wedding films? Do you want to get the classic snapshots of the best wedding moments?

I prefer both. Some emotions are best seen in photographs. It is good to prepare a big wedding photo album. At the same time, a videographer does an excellent job of capturing the rituals and processions.

A fusion project with alternate sessions with the photographer and the videographer can save you money.

Have a consultation

Don’t hurry when hiring a wedding videographer.

Discuss your requirements to prepare a plan well in advance. Tell about your needs, preferred videography style, expected length of the wedding film, and everything else. Giving maximum details eases the job of the videographer.

How many videographers do you need?

Generally, one videographer and one photographer can take alternate sessions to get the job done perfectly. However, if you have invited too many guests or the wedding venue is a large one, you may work with multiple videographers too.

Don’t be shy. Ask everything you need to know

Most professional videographers offer packages that included a list of services. Check the package details very carefully. If things are not clear, ask what is included in the package and what is not. This will give you an understanding of what you can expect from the chosen package.

Do you want the videographer’s involvement?

This depends on the choice of the clients. Some clients prefer to work with the videographer in the fine details. Others prefer the cameraperson to capture the entire procession independently as and when things happen.

Whatever you prefer, discuss the details with the experts during the consultation.

Choose the Videography Style for Your Wedding Ceremony

There are primarily four types of wedding videography styles you can have to eternalize the precious moments of fairy tale marriage ceremony.

Cinematic Storytelling

This is the art of capturing special moments in a form of a short film. The videographer employs a creative touch and adds narratives to craft an audio-visual story of the entire event.


This is a simple form of capturing the wedding events as and when they happen. The videographer is responsible for capturing everything is happening around in the proper sequence.


If you want to make the wedding film short and simple, this is your preferred style. It allows the videographer to get in details and capture only the highlights of the event rather than a long documentary.


A videographer has to work with a photographer to create a fusion wedding video project. Some parts of the event are captured in still photos and some are shot as live recordings to prepare a fusion wedding film.

How Much Does Wedding Videography Cost in the UK?

The cost of wedding videography in the UK can cost anywhere from £600-£10000. The prices may go higher or lower depending on the preferred style, duration of the film, number of professionals working on the project, wedding photo booth hire, add-ons, etc.

Final Thoughts,

A wedding film is not just for two people. Instead, it is for the two families that are going to unite on the big day. There will be processions, guests, and lots of fun. Don’t keep everything in memories. Get a wedding film stylized by an expert. Preserve all of these forever. You will have fun watching it on digital devices over and over.

I hope this post has given you enough insights to hire a wedding videographer in the UK.

Do you want to hire a wedding videographer in London, Kent, Surrey, Essex, or adjacent areas?

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Happy Wedding Planning!