8 Things to Remember When Making a Great Marryoke Video

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Feb 22 2022

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The marryoke is the newest trend in wedding videography. This is a brief musical wedding interlude in which the couples mime a love song of their choice. It's more akin to creating a music video for one of your favourite artists.

As a bride, you can hire a videographer for your wedding and provide marryoke services. It would be best to communicate with your wedding videographers precisely what you want to see in the video, including fun and candid shots.

Here are eight things to remember when making a revolutionary marryoke video:

1. Plan Out Your Video

Use a storyboard and a rough plan of your video. This will help you and the director determine 

what shots to take.

2. Prepare Your Participants

You might want to ask some of your bridesmaids, other family members or close friends to join you in the wedding marryoke. This will help liven up your video.

You can have all those included in your video practice their movements and lines a few days before the wedding. This will make them feel more at ease, and it'll also ensure that you get the best shots.

3. Choose Your Songs and Be Familiar With It

It is vital to choose a song that applies to the wedding. It should not be too fast or too slow. If you want to sing along, make sure you're familiar with the lyrics. It's a good idea to practice singing the song before the wedding.

4. Work With Your Videographer

They should coordinate with you to get the shots that you want. Please make sure you communicate your ideas clearly and give them copies of the lyrics to get all the songs in the proper order.

5. Be Creative

Even though you're miming, you still have a chance to add in some creativity. You can make your video more interesting by adding things that you and your fiancé have done together.

For example, you can hold up a picture of you when you first met, or you can hold photographs of your childhood. This can be an excellent way to include your family and friends in your video.

6. You Have to Carry Extra Battery and Camera Charger

You never know how long a marryoke can take to finish. Make sure that you have enough battery and camera charge to last you the whole duration. If you have to rely on your videographers' batteries, be sure to tell him so that he has enough power.

7. Gather Enough Footage

Don't forget to gather as much footage as possible. You want to get not just the dance moves but also the candid shots, such as the bride's makeup and the groom's haircut.

Once you have everything on hand, you can effectively edit and curate all the shots together. This is often the most challenging part of creating a marryoke.

8. Enjoy the experience

It's your wedding day, so you have to enjoy it to the fullest. Try not to be nervous about the video. Take deep breaths and you’re sure to get the best shots.


Creating a wedding video is a team effort, so make sure you work with your wedding videographers by providing your input and letting them have creative control. Your wedding day will be the most important day of your life, so you want to capture it on camera as best as possible.

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