5 Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding DJ

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 29 2022

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When two people love each other, their relationship lasts long to the point where there's only one thing left to do: get married. For anyone, marriage is one of the most memorable days simply because they get to spend the rest of their lives with the person they love. Of course, wedding ceremonies are a given, but the reception is just as important.

The wedding reception matters because it's the point of a wedding where the couple's families and friends gather to celebrate the newlywed couple's triumph in finding each other. Naturally, there should be entertainment because it keeps everyone's spirits high. Hiring a wedding DJ is your best bet because their beats and tunes can get everyone grooving. However, hiring the best DJ can be tricky, so we listed down some valuable tips to help you:

#1 - Decide Whether to Get an Indie DJ or One from a Company

You have to decide if you will go for an indie DJ or one from a company. Your choice is usually dictated by the budget you have for their services. Going for an indie DJ is the best if you're running on a budget because they typically charge cheaper fees.

However, if you're all about quality, you should go for a company because indie DJs are sometimes untrustworthy. Their skills, for one, are occasionally unreliable and indiscernible in terms of quality.

#2 - Inquire about Their Experience and Background

Experience and background are directly related to the quality of the DJ. It is best to go for a professional with at least 5 years of experience than someone with little experience. Moreover, the company you hire should have a good reputation among the local community.

This way, you can ensure that your event will be handled well. Better yet, you can ask the people who worked with them in the past to give honest feedback about them. You should also ask the company's DJs to show you some of their work.

#3 - Ask about Their Musical Style

You should ask the company or the DJ you plan on hiring whether they do weddings or not. Also, ask them about the music you will be dancing on. Remember that a wedding reception revolves around people who are celebrating and having fun. The music should reflect the way everyone feels at that moment.

If you want to get everyone dancing, you should let the DJ know your preferences beforehand. If you don't, the DJ may play a type of music you don't want to dance to. However, if you want a specific song, you can always ask the DJ about it.

#4 - Check Their Ratings

You should check their ratings before hiring a DJ. By doing this, you can tell whether they can do their job well. You can ask their company or the DJ if they can show you a list of the kind of events they did. That way, you can assess their quality and if they're worth hiring. Moreover, you can ask their references if they have any. Knowing this will help you decide how reliable they are.

#5 - Your Budget

Naturally, you should consider your budget before making your final decision. Hiring a DJ is an expensive job, so you should see if you can afford one or not. You can always hire a cheaper one for your event if you can't. Wedding DJs can be as expensive as any other service provider, but you can still make a budget for them by seeing the quality of their services.

Some DJs charge by the hour, while others charge a fixed fee. You may choose to go for the hourly one if you want a team you can hire or discharge at will. However, if you wish the team to stay for the whole night, you should opt for the fixed package.


Aside from the newly married couple, a wedding DJ will be the centre of attention for the whole event. They will be the ones to keep the reception line-ups lively for everyone. Naturally, you should hire the best to maximise the party's potential by having the right music.

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