Weddings 101: The Pros and Cons of Reception Games

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 11 2022

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wedding reception couple dance

Indeed, a wedding is a grand event we all want to celebrate. A wedding is simply a big event where you will want all your friends and loved ones to have a wonderful time and go home with treasured memories that will last them for years. However, keeping your guests entertained all throughout the day could be rather challenging. 

Perhaps, to ensure that their guests have a memorable and enjoyable time, you could introduce reception games. While some people think the extra activities are great icebreakers, others may think it could potentially lessen the seriousness of the wedding. 

Either way, wedding reception games could be refined and tasteful! Although at the same time, it may have valid drawbacks.

Read on to discover the pros and cons of wedding reception games.

The Pros of Wedding Reception Games

  • Icebreakers Introduce Fun and Laughter

Games might help to ease the uneasiness that comes with sitting at a table with strangers. They could also help in keeping guests entertained while there is a delay in the schedule.

  • You Can Get Creative

This is an excellent outlet for your craftiness. Your daily schedule has been dictated by a number of prearranged marital rites. You can start playing the "Newlywed Game" from your trip, start quiz rounds, or build your own activity based on your favourite television show, sports team, actor, or whatever else you like. You can even play interactive games wherein guests talk about their fondest memories with you and your husband!

  • You Can Relax

While there is pressure to continuously entertain your guests, wedding reception games could take this off your task list. The customary "take to the table, eat the food, dance to today's top tunes, and retire for the night" cycle is one of the worst monotonous and boring wedding nightmares ever. As such, guests can mingle by playing games. This way, you and your new husband may relax and enjoy yourselves while knowing that everyone else is busy.


  • It May Take a Lot of Planning

Planning a “game night” at your wedding could take both time and money. If your professional wedding planner gets extravagant with the games, your budget will be jeopardized. This may only add stress to you and your plans may backfire.

  • You Have to Deal with Conservatives

Sadly, while it is your wedding, conservative guests who believe a wedding should be a series of activities may be offended by the change. Some people consider wedding games to be crass attempts to impress the audience. These participants may share their thoughts with others (or with you) but will surely not be compelled to participate.

  • Not All Games Are Inclusive

Certain activities may be inappropriate for youngsters, leaving your flower girl and ring bearer yearning for their own. Older guests may be unable to do physically hard tasks. Creating inclusive games for players of diverse ages and skill levels may add to your workload.


Of course, it’s all about you and your partner’s preferences. With that said, you must decide how much you are willing to do for your wedding and your guests while reaching a middle ground between your wedding desires and everybody else’s comfort level. Happy planning!

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