Selecting the Perfect Marquee for Your Celebration with 1 Entertainment

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Sep 10 2023

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Outdoor events have an undeniable charm and allure. They provide an opportunity for your guests to bask in nature's beauty, enjoy refreshing open-air atmospheres, and create unforgettable memories. A crucial element of any outdoor celebration is the marquee: providing shelter, elegance, and versatility. Whether it's a wedding, a corporate function, or a private party, an expertly designed marquee can create a stylish, comfortable, and functional space that adapts to your event's unique requirements.

In this blog post, we will delve into the myriad benefits of hosting an event in a marquee, explore the different types of marquees offered by 1 Entertainment, and offer practical tips and guidelines for selecting the ideal marquee for your special occasion. Additionally, we will share ideas for enhancing your marquee's visual appeal and discuss how to seamlessly integrate 1 Entertainment's other offerings for the ultimate event experience. With the knowledge and expertise provided by 1 Entertainment, you can confidently host a stunning outdoor affair in a spectacular marquee, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

1. The Benefits of Hosting an Event in a Marquee

Setting up a marquee for your outdoor event offers numerous advantages, both in terms of aesthetics and practicality. Some key benefits include:

- Versatility in design and layout: Marquees provide you with the creative freedom to design and arrange the interior space to suit your event's requirements and preferences. From customising seating plans to setting up stages or bars, marquees offer endless possibilities for creating a unique event setting.

- Indoor-outdoor feel for guests' enjoyment: Marquees combine the comfort of an indoor venue with the natural beauty of an outdoor setting. Whether you opt for clear walls, open sides, or panoramic windows, your guests can relish the natural surroundings while remaining sheltered from the elements.

- Customisation according to the event's theme: Marquees can be tailored to match and enhance your event's theme, with countless options for décor, colour schemes, and lighting. With a marquee as your blank canvas, you have the opportunity to create the perfect ambience for your special occasion.

2. Types of Marquees Offered by 1 Entertainment

1 Entertainment provides an array of marquee styles suitable for various event types, sizes, and preferences. Explore their selection to find the perfect marquee for your celebration:

- Traditional pole marquees: Characterised by soaring peaks and sweeping, elegant lines, traditional pole marquees create a timeless and romantic atmosphere. The design is supported by internal 'king poles', which can be transformed into eye-catching features with the use of creative decoration.

- Frame marquees: Frame marquees offer a modern, sleek aesthetic and feature a versatile interior layout with no internal supporting poles, allowing for unobstructed movement. This design can be customised with various wall and window panels, and can be easily adapted to fit the space available at your chosen location.

- Clearspan marquees: Providing unparalleled views and a contemporary feel, clearspan marquees boast clear PVC roofs and walls, allowing natural light to flood the space and offering unobstructed panoramas of the surroundings. This design is particularly suited to events taking place in scenic locations or during daylight hours.

3. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Marquee

Selecting the perfect marquee involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure a comfortable, visually appealing, and functional event space:

- Size and capacity: Marquee size is crucial for accommodating your guest list comfortably while allowing space for catering, entertainment, and other event elements. Consult with 1 Entertainment to determine the appropriate marquee size based on your expected guest count and desired layout.

- Location and positioning: Consider the landscape and terrain of your chosen site when selecting a marquee, as certain designs may be more suited to particular ground conditions. Additionally, think about the positioning of your marquee in relation to features like trees, water bodies, or viewpoints; these can be incorporated into your event design for added visual appeal.

- Weather conditions and seasonality: The time of year and local weather conditions can influence your marquee choice. For example, heated marquees or insulated linings may be necessary during colder months, while ventilated options might be preferable in warmer weather. 1 Entertainment can guide you in selecting a marquee with appropriate features for your event's specific needs and conditions.

4. Tips and Tricks for Enhancing Your Marquee's Appeal

Once you've selected the ideal marquee, consider the following ideas to augment its visual allure and create an inviting atmosphere for your guests:

- Infusing personality through unique décor: Explore a variety of decorative options, such as drapery, chandeliers, or greenery installations, to personalise your marquee's interior and reflect your style or event theme. Enhance the space further with curated table settings and centrepieces that complement your overall design.

- Incorporating the right lighting solutions: Adequate and visually appealing lighting plays a vital role in setting the mood and atmosphere within your marquee. Consider a combination of ambient and functional lighting options, such as fairy lights, overhead string lights or chandeliers, and uplighting to accentuate your marquee's features.

- Creating a sense of comfort with furniture: Furnish your marquee thoughtfully to provide your guests with comfort and ensure a pleasant event experience. Opt for seating arrangements and furniture that suit your event's theme, such as lounge areas, banquet-style seating, or casual cocktail setups.

5. Integrating 1 Entertainment's Services for a Seamless Event

Complement your marquee selection with 1 Entertainment's wide range of event services for a seamless and unforgettable experience:

- Bar hire and catering options: Enhance your marquee event with custom bar hire solutions and tailored catering services to suit your specific requirements, ensuring your guests enjoy delicious food and drinks throughout the celebrations.

- Dance floors and DJ services: Transform your marquee into a lively party atmosphere with a dance floor and 1 Entertainment's professional DJ services. Choose a dance floor that matches your marquee's style and create a personalised playlist to keep your guests entertained all night.

- Event planning and management: Enlist the expertise of 1 Entertainment's skilled event planners to coordinate your marquee event from start to finish. Their team will ensure every detail is planned and executed seamlessly, allowing you to relax and enjoy the festivities.


Selecting and designing the perfect marquee is key to creating a memorable outdoor event. With 1 Entertainment's vast array of marquee styles and complementary services, you can bring your event vision to life and ensure a stunning, delightful, and comfortable experience for all your guests. Trust their expertise to guide you through the entire process, from marquee selection to event management, leaving you with a celebration that will be cherished for years to come.

1 Entertainment, the leading entertainment company in the UK, offers an extensive range of marquee hire services designed to cater to every event size, style, and theme. With their broad selection and a team of seasoned professionals, 1 Entertainment can help you find the perfect marquee dance floors for your outdoor event, allowing you to bring your vision to life.