The Memorable Makings of an Excellent Wedding Reception

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Sep 25 2021

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The day we get married is one of the loveliest days in any person’s life. And for it to be more memorable, you need great wedding entertainment. Like any event, a wedding has to have good food and entertainment.

More and more weddings are going unconventional. Whether it is an unconventional theme, a unique sequence of events, or some strange entertainment—your wedding is yours to plan.
Even if you want a Star Trek-themed wedding or want to dress like characters from Lord of the Rings, don’t let anybody tell you that it isn’t appropriate for a wedding. 

One staple tradition at weddings is the wedding reception. It’s almost impossible to plan a wedding without one, so this article will go into how this tradition came to be.


The Evolution of the Wedding Reception

We can trace most of the unofficial history of reception parties to the era after World War Two. Wedding budgets in the UK grew larger to make them more memorable. The celebrations were still centred around the marriage of the couple, but everyone celebrated differently with their versions of the post-wedding reception.

From then on, wedding parties caught on, and everyone became accustomed to bigger celebrations. Most of it was dances in reception halls and big event venues. Today, these celebrations are no longer limited to common party themes. Modern receptions have become more varied and even more fun.


Reception Party Ideas

The festivities usually begin with a toast. Family and friends can wish the couple all their best with touching, heartfelt speeches. It might be the only customary part in the reception. Many modern receptions no longer follow other customary wedding reception programmes, but be sure to include great food and a wedding bar hire as nice starters.

Today there’s quite a lot of entertainment options to choose from. Many couples choose a party theme for their venue, with many going for the sensational casino reception. It has poker and blackjack tables with a red carpet marquee wedding entrance for grand effect. Your bar might go well with a wedding Marryoke where everyone can dedicate their tunes and their message to the married couple.


Music, Entertainment, and Venues

Short of hiring a world-class superstar DJ or a reunited Oasis with Ringo Starr as your wedding minister, there are more realistic and equally awesome entertainment options available.

Married couples can get a great wedding DJ and dance hall package to energise the festivities. Dances worked centuries ago and still work well today. You could search for a dancefloor hire to spruce up the venue.

Many couples have set up ‘70s disco and ‘90s pop nights. You could even do an 80s new wave dance party for everyone in an awesome retro dance hall.

Final Notes

Your wedding event can be the fusion of the traditional vow ceremonies and the modern wedding reception. You have the freedom to go about your own reception using some of the most requested themes, decorations, and entertainment available. Just don’t forget the food and drinks to complete the festivities.

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